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MTN APN Settings South Africa – Internet Settings For Android (2023)

MTN APN settings are the computerized protocols that help you access the internet using your mobile device. Not only do they help you access the information; they help your mobile device interpret the information correctly, thus enhancing your user experience. With the present pace of technology, in which everything passes through the internet: commerce, information, education, and so on; surely you will agree that internet connection has become a crucial aspect of modern society.

Because MTN is a leading provider of mobile telecommunications technology, with about 31 million subscribers, MTN is one of the biggest in South Africa. This no doubt explains why MTN APN settings South Africa are one of the most sought after, as people are constantly trying to find the settings that will help them optimize their internet user experience.

MTN Internet settings in South Africa are unique: whether you use a basic phone, or an Android phone, or an iPhone, you will need these settings to enjoy the best quality internet on the MTN network. Even if you have previously used the same phone on an MTN network in another country, you will still need a fresh configuration of settings.

MTN APN Settings South Africa: MTN Internet Settings for South Africa

Please note that there may be slight differences in the internet settings depending on the phone you are using. Also, you can send an SMS to 3888 in which case you will receive the correct settings for your phone. However, sometimes the situation may require you to manually input the settings by yourself. Here is the information to use:

Username: (Leave this part blank)

Password: (Leave this part blank)

APN name: Type the word ‘MTN internet’

APN: internet Username: type the word ‘guest’

Password: (leave this part blank)

For MMS services please use the following format:

APN: type in ‘internet’

Username: use ‘mtnmms’

Password: use ‘mtnmms’

Wap Gateway: please use

Port please use: 8080

MMS Center: carefully enter the following:

GPRS settings are as follows:

APN: use myMTN

Username: type ‘mtnwap’

Password: type ‘mtnwap’

MTN South Africa Internet Settings For Androids that Need Special Settings

Some Android phones will require special settings. If you find yourself using such a phone then here is what to do. First, you go to the menu that says ‘phone settings’, then look for the option that says ‘more’. Then look for ‘mobile network’, then go to ‘access point names’ from there you still look for ‘+’. You should now see the boxes to input the following details:

Name: type ‘MTN internet’

Internet Proxy: should be left ‘Not set’

Port: should be left ‘Not set’

Username: please use ‘Guest’

Password: should be left ‘Not set’

Server: should be left ‘Not set’

MMSC: should be left ‘Not set’

MCC: should be ‘655’

MNC: should be ‘10’

Authentication Type: should be left ‘Not set’

APN type: should be left ‘Default’

APN protocol: should be left at ‘Ipv4’

APN roaming protocol: leave at Ipv4 Enable/ disable

APN: APN enable Bearer: should be left at ‘Unspecified’

MVNO Type: should be left at ‘None’

MVNO value: should be left at ‘Not set’

Settings for MTN mail

The MTN mail service is a specialized service that gives you the ability to access your email no matter where you are, even when you are on the go. Apart from that you also enjoy several other advantages such as SMS notifications, email access synchronized through the website, your PC, or cell-phone.

This service also gives you also get 2GB email storage space, and an inbuilt contact list and calendar. This service also has a virus and spam checking tool, and gives you get 4 extra email aliases that you can work with.

This service allows you to access the emails through 2 simple methods. You can access the email by logging into an email address, or you can also access the emails by going to the MTN website, registering, and logging in. It is also possible to use an email PC client such as Microsoft Outlook which is like a software that supports reading and sending emails.

To use this service you have to activate the following settings:

Set the POP3 for incoming mail by visiting and then following the prompts.

Set the SMTP for the outgoing mail through and then follow the prompts.

MTN South Africa Internet Settings for Iphone

As Iphones are becoming more dominant in the telecommunications world, you find that more people are switching to the iphone sometimes for the additional quality they get from it, and other times for the sheer prestige of using an iconic device that has the reputation of being the pinnacle of technology.

In order to enjoy your Iphone, and get the best quality internet experience, the following are the MTN South Africa APN settings for Iphone.

From your Apple iPhone go to ‘settings, and from there go to Cellular. From there you will then go to Cellular Data Network. From there select APN. Then enter the following details:

Cellular Data:

APN: type ‘Internet’

Username: leave it Blank

Password: leave it Blank

LTE Setup (this optional):

APN: leave it Blank

Username: leave it Blank

Password: leave it Blank


APN: use ‘mms’

Username: use ‘mms’

Password: use ‘mms’

MMSC: carefully type in the following:

MMS Proxy: carefully type the following:

MMS Message type: carefully type the following: 1048576

After putting the above settings, you should be able to enjoy whatever internet services you want including using your phone to surf the internet, using your phone to enjoy your favorite social media site, and even streaming and downloading movies and videos online.

Useful Tips

If you have recently bought a new phone, then as soon as you have put in your MTN South Africa SIM card, the network should automatically acknowledge, and register your phone on the network. In that case, you should immediately receive a series of text messages which will tell you that SIM settings have been sent to your phone. You may then ‘apply’ the settings with a simple click.

If after applying the settings you are still not able to use the internet, then it may not be the internet settings that have gone wrong with your mobile phone. There are several things that can potentially be wrong with your mobile device.

Switch On Data

This simple thing can get overlooked or just confusing, especially when the phone is new. You can check to see that you have switched on your data by tapping the screen area just below your front camera. If you do not have a front camera, just tap the area of the screen at the top, and pull it down. You should then see an icon that looks like two arrows facing opposite directions. That is what you should tap. After that, you may try to use the internet again to see if it works.

Out of Coverage Area

Sometimes, you may be out of coverage area, and so you may not be able to use the internet. Sometimes, you may be out of coverage area, not for the whole network, but for the particular network speed you have chosen (or that is preset for your phone) without your knowledge. You can fix that by going to the menu that says settings, then tap mobile networks then tap on network mode. When you do so you should see the following options:






If you have selected a particular network above, you may not have a connection if the network is not available. Therefore, what you should do is tap GSM (or WMCDA/GSM) that is the basic connection. If your connection starts working, that means the assumption was correct. Although you will not surf with speed, at least you can later change the settings to any of the other options to enjoy better connection speed.

Network Congestion

Sometimes the network may be congested, and so the internet service may not work. There is really nothing you can do, except wait till things brighten up. Although you may decide to switch off your phone and switch it on again.

You may not have an Active Data Bundle

Without a data bundle, you may not be able to use the internet service. You can check if you have data by texting ‘2’ to 131. The network will send you a text message in which they will detail how much data you have. Alternatively, you can dial *131*4#.

If you find that you do not have a data bundle you can dial purchase a data bundle by dialing *136*10# and selecting the data bundles option.