How Does Car Finance Work In South Africa?

In South Africa, the public transport system is highly unreliable hence the need for owning a personal Car by everyday commuters. Outrightly purchasing a car in South Africa with the current economic realities is not a walk in the park. An outright purchase of either a brand new or used car gulps up a lot […]

Top 10 Cheapest SUVs To Maintain In South Africa (2024)

Almost everybody needs a vehicle. But in South Africa, SUVs have become especially popular for the many benefits that they offer. SUVs have the power and ruggedness to take on the dynamic terrain of the South African bushlands, the elegance and compactness of city life, and everything in between. Furthermore, SUVs are good for all […]

List of Cars Made In South Africa And Their Prices

The auto industry in South Africa has come of age; gone are the days when South Africa was just a market for American or European companies to send their products. Now, South Africa is a regional hub for vehicle manufacture. Foreign and local companies are in active competition; trying to outdo each other in design […]

139 Car Dealerships In South Africa

Car dealerships are like shops that sell cars. Cars are a product, just like almost any other thing that you can think of which is bought and sold. Of course, just like any other type of shop, Car Dealerships can vary in size and shape according to the financial muscle of the owners, and the […]

50 Car Insurance Companies In South Africa

As we explore the Companies that offer car insurance services in South Africa. Car insurance narrows down the business of insurance to only a car or a vehicle. In some countries, it is called Motor Vehicle Insurance. The difference is only in name, as both names serve the same purpose, are the same thing in […]

40 Automotive Component Manufacturers In South Africa

List Of Automotive Component Manufacturers In South Africa. For the economy of any country to be balanced and developed it has to manufacture at least some of the things that it needs. Without any doubt, something that every country needs to grow and develop is transportation. Cars, Buses, Trucks, and Vans, all move people and […]