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List of Cars Made In South Africa And Their Prices

The auto industry in South Africa has come of age; gone are the days when South Africa was just a market for American or European companies to send their products. Now, South Africa is a regional hub for vehicle manufacture. Foreign and local companies are in active competition; trying to outdo each other in design and production, as well as market share.

The auto industry in South Africa can boast of European Companies that build their cars here, and ship to other countries within the region. Some of these locally made cars have become favorites because people have fallen in love with them. In this article, we bring you a list of these cars that are built in South Africa and we try to find out how much you can buy them.

What are the cars made in South Africa? Check out the paragraphs below!

List Of Cars Made In South Africa And Their Prices

1. Ford Ranger

Prices starting from R367,200

The Ford Ranger is a Bakkie or a Pick Up Truck. It is a classy utility vehicle that can serve almost any need and can provide mobility to almost any terrain you can imagine. With 2964 units sold in a recent year in review, this is South Africa’s most popular locally made vehicle.

2. Toyota Hilux

Prices starting from R291,000

The Toyota Hilux is an iconic vehicle. It is a pick-up truck – known locally in South Africa as a Bakkie. This vehicle is a utility vehicle that can serve in any terrain. It is the embodiment of style, power, and grace. With a total of 2781 units sold in a recent review year, this is the second most popular locally made vehicle in South Africa.

3. Volkswagen Polo

Prices starting from R367,200

The Volkswagen Polo comes in next. This car which is almost identical to the VW Golf is another popular car in South Africa. The car is popular among the young crowd, just starting out in their professional or business careers. A single man, a newly married couple, or a business could find this car very useful. With 2701 units sold in a recent review year, this is one of the popular locally made vehicles- the most popular in the passenger car segment.

4. Nissan NP200

Prices starting from R271,400

The Nissan NP200 comes in next on our list; the vehicle is a small Bakkie, the size of a small car. This car would be suitable for a small business that deals in logistics, or any other small business that need to carry goods or small machinery around in order to carry out their business. With 1175 units sold in a recent year in review, this is a popular vehicle in South Africa.

5. Toyota Fortuner

Prices starting from R683,500

The Toyota Fortuner is the highest-selling locally made SUV in South Africa. This SUV closely resembles the Toyota Fortuner. It is built for grace and power and can serve in almost any terrain you can imagine. With 1172 units sold in a recent review year, this is the most popular locally made SUV, and one of the most popular locally made vehicles overall.

6. Chevrolet UTE

Prices starting from R127,450

Next is the Chevrolet UTE. The Chevrolet UTE is a big bakkie; just like the Ford Ranger and the Toyota Hilux. The vehicle is a powerful 2 door pick up truck that can take on any terrain. This car would be very useful to farmers, logistics companies, and other businesses. With 1131 units sold in a recent review year, this is a top-selling locally made vehicle.

7. Isuzu KB

Prices starting from R200,000

The Isuzu KB comes in next on our list. This is a power 4 door bakkie of the size of a Ford Ranger, Toyota Hilux, and Chevrolet UTE. The vehicle is built for power and grace and can be very useful in a farm, a nature reserve, a logistics company, a confectionery or any other business. The car can also be useful for a large family when they choose to go camping. With 953 units sold in a recent calendar year, this is a big deal in South Africa.

8. Chevrolet Spark

Prices starting from:

The Chevrolet Spark comes in next on our list. This is described as a 5 door hatchback, although the car is quite compact. The car is small, and portable, and would be very good for small families with growing children. The car sold 251 units in a recent review year. It looks like a good deal.

9. Ford Everest

Prices starting from R744,500

The Ford Everest is a comparatively new model of car; it was just released a few years ago. This is an SUV that compares to the Toyota Fortuner, and other vehicles of similar size. It is good for a large family, or a family with grown children. This car has sold 124 units in a recent review year, which is a good start for a car that was just introduced to the market.

10. BMW X3

Prices starting from:

The BMW X3 is one of the more popular models of the BMW when it comes to SUVs. The SUV is big, bold, and powerful. It is built for performance in any kind of terrain. The BMW X3 is suitable for a family with teenage children, or if you are a mob boss like the ones in Hollywood movies then this is the car for you.

11. Bailey Cars

Bailey Cars are specially crafted racing cars that are built to resemble real track GT cars. They are mostly built for overseas consumption, though, most of the customers are in England, Germany, Sweden, and Finland.

12. Birkin Cars

The Birkin Auto company was established in South Africa, in 1982. They make sports cars, some of which look like classic vehicles from the 1950s. This company is now based in Australia, so if you want a Birkin you have to pay for import.

13. Advanced Automotive Design ADD

These exquisite vehicles are designed and assembled right here in South Africa. They are absolute marvels of design that show that South Africa is indeed blessed with talent. To be honest these cars may even come across as futuristic because while they look creative, one can see that the designs are original; not something we are used to, as in not based on any past designs.

Closing On Cars Made In South Africa

The automotive sector in South Africa is currently experiencing a slowdown. This is evidently the result of the world’s economy going down generally. Sales of cars made in South Africa have been on a steady decline, and although this may not immediately have any far-reaching results, we hope for a reversal of this trend before things get really bad.