South African Things

About South African Things

South African Things is a general information website created specifically with South Africans in mind. The website covers information on various topics relating to South Africa and South Africans – business, careers, people, entertainment, technology, market data, and so on.

In line with the strategy favored by its founders, the site focuses on evergreen and historical content. Therefore, DIY Guides, tips, lists, and other interesting stuff about South Africa also make up a significant fraction of the site's content.

South African Things is run by a strong team of experienced web researchers who understand what it takes to create high-quality, informative, and entertaining content that natives and lovers of South Africa would love and can trust.

Our mission is to become the Internet's most trusted and most authoritative resource for information about South Africa and everything related to the country. In other words, our goal is to become the “Wikipedia” and “Wikihow” for stuff regarding South Africa.

The South African Things website was launched in January 2020.