Netcare Learnerships 2023

netcare learnerships 2023

Learnerships are an increasingly popular way of getting specialized training and certification. They help improve the manpower available in the country, and also help pull huge numbers of young people out of poverty. Learnerships also create job opportunities, while alerting companies and employers about the top talent who they can employ to add value to […]

Correctional Services Learnership: Unlocking Opportunities for Personal and Professional Growth

Introduction: Welcome to our comprehensive guide on correctional services learnerships, where we aim to provide you with an in-depth understanding of this exciting avenue for personal and professional growth. Whether you are an aspiring individual looking to kick-start a career in the correctional services sector or an organization seeking to enhance your workforce with skilled […]

Correctional Services Learnership (2023)

The South African Department of Correctional Services (DCS) is part of the new South African culture of youth empowerment through learnership programs; Correctional Services Learnership is a great way for young people to gain industry-specific skills and certifications. This is a win for everybody because the young people get skills that earn them money, the […]

Code 14 Learnerships (2023)

Everybody wants to find out more about learnerships; a unique opportunity to get industry-specific on-the-job training that arms you to become part of the country’s workforce, and contribute your quota to the economy. These learnerships are a kind of government and private collaboration, aimed at providing job skills for the youth, and suitable employees for […]

SETA Learnerships (2023)

SETA Learnerships are becoming increasingly popular among the young people of South Africa; many have been hearing about SETA Learnerships as an opportunity to gain employment but may have no idea exactly what it is. SETA means Sector Education and Training Authority. It is an agency that works with private establishments to provide practical skills […]

Capitec Learnerships 2024

Capitec learnership invites suitably qualified individuals to apply for Bank Teller learnerships with the bank. This job will require successful candidates to greet bank customers, coordinate the banking hall to ensure that queues flow in an orderly manner, provide customer care by assisting at ATMs, and generally assist to enhance customer experience. This is an […]

Anglo American Learnerships 2024

This article is part of our ongoing series in which we highlight learnership opportunities in South Africa. These learnerships have become very popular as a way by which students can learn valuable industry skills while getting paid at the same time. These learnership opportunities are a government-private sector collaboration to ensure that the upcoming generation […]

Sasol Learnerships (2024)

This article is part of our ongoing series on learnership opportunities which have become hugely popular in South Africa as a means of getting specialized skills and certification while being paid for the duration of training. Sasol learnerships have had a huge impact on poverty alleviation and growing the economy by providing skill acquisition, and […]