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5G South Africa – Top 6 Network Providers (2023)

5G is an ultra-high-speed Internet data connectivity. It is the next generation of mobile networks that will set the foundation for the future, and what it holds for new technologies. 5G is practical for many uses, that go beyond just voice and small data applications such as video streaming; it will actually change the way we interact and do business.

Admittedly, we cannot just make the leap into the future by starting small, and that is why we must first use 5G technology for smaller applications; those for which we previously used 4G and 3G technology. As a matter of fact, most internet network providers are not yet even able to provide such speeds, and even the subscribers are not yet able to use such service because most of their phones are not 5G enabled.

So, I listed the 5G service providers that provide the most reliable 5G network in South Africa.

Top 5G Network in South Africa

1. MTN

MTN is the largest mobile operator on the African continent. This makes MTN one of South Africa’s most recognized brands outside the country. The mobile network operator, which has a strong presence in several African Countries has once again proven itself as a leading player in the communications market by being the first to roll out 5G network in South Africa.

2. Vodacom

Vodacom is the largest mobile network operator in South Africa. The mobile network which has the highest number of subscribers in the country would have disappointed its loyal subscribers if it had not been quick to implement the 5G technology. Vodacom offers 5G mobile network service and has one of the widest and most efficient reaches of this technology- a true leader in the industry.

3. Rain

Rain Mobile is an Internet Service company that sells itself as South Africa’s only internet-only network provider. In June 2020 the company in collaboration with Huawei Technologies launched a standalone 5G network. What this means is that Rain now offers a 5G network that does not drop to 4G or 3G. this network service is rolled out using Huawei Routers.

4. Liquid Telecom

Liquid Telecom is a leading communications solutions provider in the South African market. The company has a business presence across 13 countries primarily in Eastern, Central, and Southern Africa. Liquid Telecom serves mobile operators, carriers, and other companies, along with retail customers with high-speed connectivity that is reliable and efficient. The company is one of the top 5G South Africa network providers.

5. Verizon

Verizon has launched a 5G network in collaboration with Samsung Mobile. This network will be marketed to the South African public using new 5G enabled mobile phones. The offer is open to both new and existing subscribers and is intended to help the company ascertain the efficiency of the network service.

6. Telkom

Telkom is currently investing in 5G network technology. Even though the company is yet to officially roll out this network, its 5G plans are well in the works. The company will soon unleash its resources to bring the competition to those network providers who are already in the business. Telkom showed its seriousness by showing its willingness to undertake a legal battle to facilitate its licensing.

How Will 5G Affect South African Businesses?

Global data consumption has grown tremendously in recent years. That means people and businesses depend more and more heavily on internet data connectivity in order to carry out their activities. In the past, phones were only used for making calls, but today phones play an important role in every aspect of our lives.

Please take a minute to imagine what would happen if there was no internet connectivity? You would not be able to read this post, exchanging messages on social media would be impossible, and then there would be chaos in the financial industry because banks and other financial industry establishments would simply not be able to function. Many of the apps that we depend on for traffic reports, for weather updates, for directions, and so on, would not exist.

But with the available mobile telephone networks, we are able to place orders for business and fill those orders on our computers, and that makes a business grow. With the coming of 5G, other industries will open up such as the commercial use of drones and robots. Existing businesses will also get a boost because they will experience data speeds of up to double what they are used to. That automatically means that they can place and confirm double the amount of orders which they usually do.

5G Has Had a Slow Start

5G technology has had a slow welcome into South Africa. This has been fuelled by the uncertainty that is fuelled by rumors that 5G technology is responsible for the Covid 19 Pandemic. With those rumors have come a frenzy that has led to the destruction of 5G towers belonging to both MTN and Vodacom. Some say that while the technology may not be directly responsible for the pandemic, the technology emits harmful radio waves that could harm people’s health. Those harmful waves could lower people’s immunity to the disease, thus making it easy for people to fall sick with the disease.

There has not been any evidence to support those suspicions; the long-term benefits of the 5G technology far outweigh any possible danger, and scientists assure us that the technology is safe. Despite this, the two industry leaders which we have highlighted in this article are committed to accelerating the rollout of the technology by the end of March 2021.