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How Much Does Data Cost In South Africa?

Data Bundle Price Price Per-MB
40MB R10 25.0c
100MB R20 20.0c
150MB R29 19.3c
200MB R39 19.5c
350MB R60 17.1c
500MB R75 15.0c
750MB R89 11.9c
1GB R99 9.7c
1.5GB R149 9.7c
2GB R189 9.2c
10GB R469 4.6c
20GB R699 3.4c
30GB R999 3.6c
50GB R1,499 2.9c
100GB R2,499 2.4c
50MB R12 24.0c
200MB R29 14.5c
350MB R49 14.0c
500MB R69 13.8c
1GB R85 8.3c
2GB R159 7.8c
3GB R229 7.5c
5GB R349 6.8c
10GB R469 4.6c
20GB R699 3.4c
35MB R7 20.0c
75MB R14 18.7c
150MB R29 19.3c
300MB R49 16.3c
500MB R69 13.8c
1GB R99 9.7c
2GB R139 6.8c
3GB R199 6.5c
5GB R299 5.8c
Cell C (Excl. Nite Data)
40MB R10 25.0c
80MB R15 18.8c
300MB R29 9.7c
500MB R35 7.0c
650MB R49 7.5c
1.6GB R80 4.9c
2GB (+ 1GB Nite) R95 4.6c
3GB (+ 3GB Nite) R149 4.9c
4GB (+4GB Nite) R199 4.9c
6GB (+ 5GB Nite) R249 4.1c
12GB (+ 7GB Nite) R299 2.4c
Cell C – Home Connecta Flexi Prepaid (Excl. Nite)
5GB R59 1.15c
10GB R139 1.36c
25GB R179 0.70c
50GB R199 0.39c
100GB R389 0.38c
200GB R699 0.34c
1TB R899 0.09c

Is YouTube free on Telkom?

This is one of the benefits that comes with Telkom’s latest summer campaign aptly themed Summer of More.

Customers on Telkom’s FreeMe Post-paid are still able to get up to 200+ hours or 50GB of free data for YouTube streaming on the FreeMe 5GB and higher plans.

Is Netflix free on Telkom?

Telkom is punting its free Netflix promotion, where qualifying new and existing customers can get a three-month Netflix subscription valued at R417.

To qualify for the free Netflix promotion, existing subscribers must be on one of Telkom’s qualifying products, listed below: Fibre/ADSL 4Mbps and higher speeds.