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Telkom 10GB For R99 Prepaid: How To Get It

The Telkom 10GB for R99 plan is making waves as the most sought-after internet data bundle in South Africa. It's popularity has even led to its availability on multiple networks, following its successful launch by Telkom.

Young people are eager to subscribe to this affordable and reliable data option. In this blog post, we'll outline the simple steps you can follow to get your hands on the Telkom 10GB for R99 plan and enjoy its numerous benefits.

Telkom 10GB For R99 Prepaid

1. Best Telkom fixed-LTE deal – 10GB + 10GB for R99

The Telkom 10GB data bundle gives you 10GB data connectivity for any time use, and then 10GB for nighttime use which will not affect your normal daytime data usage. The price of this package is R99, and the subscription is renewable monthly.

How to Subscribe to this Package

  1. Purchase a new Telkom SIM card if you don’t have one.
  2. Dial *180# and press send.
  3. Select option 5 which is: change tariff.
  4. Select option 2 which is: change current tariff.
  5. Select option 2 which is: SmartBroadband Wireless Prepaid.
  6. Select option 1: This will change your tariff to SmartBroadband Wireless Prepaid.

That’s the first step; changing your tariff plan to SmartBroadband Wireless Prepaid. Now that you are in the root plan that can enable you to select the preferred data plan, you just need to go ahead and choose the data plan from the options table.

To do so just dial the following:

  1. Dial *180# and press send again.
  2. Select option 1 which is: LTE.
  3. You will see the list of the bundles. Select the appropriate one which is 10GB + 10GB for R99.

Aside from the 10GB + 10GB data bundles, Telkom offers several other similar data bundles that are similarly priced and similarly structured. Find them below:

2. 20GB + 20GB data bundle for R199

The 20GB for R199 is a similar data package that gives you 20GB of anytime data for your main account, as well as 20GB for nighttime data usage which you can use without touching the data balance on your main account. This bundle is valid for 31 days, and costs just R199.

3. 60GB + 60GB data bundle for R399

The 60GB + 60GB data bundle is a Telkom data bundle that gives you 60GB of anytime data for your main account, and then another 60GB of nighttime data, which you will use at night without reducing the balance of your main account. this bundle lasts 31 days and costs R399.

4. 120GB + 120GB for R699

The 120GB + 120GB data bundle is a Telkom data bundle that gives you 120GB of data for any time use, and then 120GB for nighttime use. The nighttime data is a plus for you to use during late-night hours without touching the data from your main account. this bundle costs R699.

5. 220GB + 220GB for R999

The 220GB + 220GB for R999 data bundle gives you 220GB for any time data use, and then 220GB for nighttime use. The nighttime data is a plus because it allows you to surf the internet at late night hours without deducting from the main account of your data balance.

Other popular data bundles on the Telkom network include.

FreeMe bundles

FreeMe bundles are Prepaid options on the Telkom network that give you cheap access to internet data connections, as well as free minutes for on-network calls, good rates for calls outside the network, and SMS. Some of the FreeMe bundles are as follows:

FreeMe 1.5GB data bundle at R139

FreeMe 6GB data bundle at R289

FreeMe 11.5GB data bundle at R389

FreeMe 28GB data bundle at R689

Telkom Social Bundles

Telkom social bundles, as the name implies, are data packages tailored for social media platforms. The data may be used exclusively for use with social media sites and applications. This is good for subscribers who know that the vast majority of their internet time is spent on social media sites.

They are broken down into different time frames.

Daily social bundles

The daily social bundles are for those who do not need to spend too much time on social media, and who only have to spend as much money on the connection as they actually use. If you need more internet time, you can just do the subscription again.

25MB data which costs R2

50MB of data which costs R3

75MB of data which costs R4

100MB of data which costs R5

250MB of data which costs R10

500MB of data which costs R15

Weekly social bundles

Weekly social bundles are for people that have a greater need for social media, and thus need more time on it. The weekly social bundles last for seven days, and they cost less than daily data because data prices are discounted as they become bigger. The Weekly Social bundles are differentiated by their sizes. They are as follows:

100MB weekly data which costs R5

250MB weekly of data which costs R8

500MB of weekly data which costs R12

1GB of weekly data which costs R18

2GB of weekly data which costs R35

3GB of weekly data which costs R60

Monthly social bundles

The monthly social bundles are available for users who prefer the stability of monthly subscriptions. This option gives greater freedom and also allows you to rest your mind knowing that you have paid up your subscription, and only have to renew it at the end of the month.

Find them below:

100MB of data at R10

250MB of data at R15

500MB of data at R25

1GB of data at R40

2GB of data at R70

3GB of data at R100