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Telkom Uncapped WiFi Deals (2023)

Telkom is a wire-line and wireless communications company in South Africa that also operates in several other African countries. Since 1991 the company has earned a reputation of providing quality communications services, and now the company is becoming even more popular, due to the efficiency of its wifi networks, as well as voice telephony.

In this article, I listed all Telkom’s Uncapped Wifi Deals 2022 because they have become quite popular with the people- many people want to be part of a network that offers quality without making their customers bankrupt. If you have been looking for information about Telkom’s services, the best deals that they offer, and the costs of these services, then we have got you covered.

Without wasting time, here is all you need to know about Telkom uncapped wifi. Happy reading!

Telkom Uncapped Wifi Deals

Home Unlimited Uncapped Wifi

10mbs for R499

The 10 Mb per second is basic internet connectivity that is ideal for a home where the main use of internet connectivity is to exchange messages on social media platforms. In such a scenario, there is no need for a high-speed connection. Since you do very few downloads, this service will give you the connection to pay for what you use.

Home Unlimited Premium Uncapped Fibre

10mbs for R699 per month

This is a slight upgrade of the 10MBS Home Unlimited package highlighted above. It is still basic connectivity and speed, but it is slightly upgraded because with this service there are no interruptions and no session limits. This package would be ideal for people working from home; bloggers, web designers, programmers, and so on. If you need steady internet without interruptions but have no need for so many downloads, then this package will save you money.

Home Unlimited Uncapped Wifi

50 MBS for R889

This package gives you download speeds of up to 50 MBS, and uploads of up to 25mbs per second. You also get 3GB mailbox, with this package. Voice services and calling plans are optional. This package would be good for a home in which they are heavy internet users. If you enjoy using social media, including sharing videos, then this package makes it all very easy.

50MBS Home Unlimited Premium Package

R1199 Per Month

This package gives you unlimited data connection. There are no interruptions, and no resets. With this package, you get up to 50mbs fibre download speeds and up to 25 MBS fibre upload speeds. The company also offers a bonus of 3 months free for this package, although this may be subject to Terms and Conditions. Added perks are free email with 3GB storage capacity, free installation service from the company, and a very attractive voice calling plan.

100mbs Home Unlimited R1169

This package gives you downloads speeds of up to 100 Mb per second and upload speeds of up to 50MB per second. You also get a 3GB mailbox with this service. Uploading and Downloading is significantly faster than with any of the plans we have highlighted before this. If you enjoy watching movies or short video clips from the internet then this is probably what you and your family need.

Home Unlimited Premium 100MBS Uncapped

R1399 Per Month

This data service gives you Unlimited and “Uncapped data connectivity. There are no session limits, and no resets. With this service, you get download speeds of up to 100 MB per second and upload speeds of up to 50 MB per second. New customers get 3 months free subscription. Every customer on this service gets an email service of 3 GB.

200 MB per second Home Unlimited

R1399 Per Month

This package gives you up to 200 MB per second of download speeds, and 100 MB per second of upload speed. You also get an additional 3GB mailbox, and voice services are optional. Small businesses would benefit immensely from this package; it would greatly improve their ability to share and receive information, as well as digital content. If you like to live stream or watch videos or football matches live as they happen, then this is a mobile data connection that you should consider.

Home Unlimited Premium 200 MBS Uncapped and Unlimited

R1599 Per Month

This service gives you an Uncapped data connection without any session limits. With this service, you get download speeds of up to 200 MBS and upload speeds of 100 MBS. New customers get 3 months free, while everybody gets free email services of up to 3GB. The calling rates are also good with this service.

Other packages From Telkom Include

Telkom Smart Broadband 20GB

R199 Per Month

This is an internet connection package that gives you 20GB of data per month. The download speed is 20MBS, while the upload speed is also 20MBS. The network throws in a bonus of an additional 20GB during night hours, and this is all for R199 per month.

Fixed Telkom LTE 30GB

R219 Per Month

This is the Telkom 30GB internet data connection that offers speeds for uploads and downloads up to 20MBS. The package is valid for a month and can be renewed anytime. It is just R219 per month, and the company throws in an additional night data bonus of 30GB.

Telkom 40GB Smart Broadband Package

R299 Per Month

Next, we have the Telkom 40GB Smart Broadband Package. This service provides internet connection services totaling a volume of 40GB for the small amount of R299 Per Month. The speed of connection for both uploads and downloads is up to 20MBS. For R299 per month, the company also gives you a bonus of 40GB for night use.

Fixed Telkom LTE 50GB

R319 Per Month

For just R319 per month, you can enjoy internet data connectivity at speeds of up to 20MBS for both uploads and downloads. At R319 per month, the company also throws in a free 50GB which you can use at night.