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Easiest Ways To Check Telkom Data Balance (2023)

Telkom is one of the largest mobile communications companies in South Africa and the continent at large. The network provider is also one of the most popular in the country. Today, it seems like internet connection is becoming more popular and more important than talking on the phone. But you need to have data on your phone to do this.

Knowing how to check your Telkom data balance is invaluable. Sometimes you download a song or a video from a website, they tell you the content is a few megabytes but in reality, you have spent twice that amount of data to make the download. The only way to know for sure how much data you have used is to check your data balance. Other times you may want to send data to a friend or family member or download something from the internet. The only to be sure you have enough data to do any of those is to first check your data balance.

How To Check Telkom Data Balance

Use the USSD Code – *180*

To check Telkom data balance via USSD code, just dial *188# and press send. Your Data balance will appear on your screen immediately. This can only work on a phone with a Telkom SIM in it. This remains the most popular way of checking your data balance, although it is not the only way. There are several other ways via which you can check your data balance.

Check Data Balance via SMS

To check your Telkom data balance via SMS all you have to do is send a blank SMS to 188 and wait. In a few seconds, your data balance will be sent to you via SMS. This is also a popular way to check your data balance and is used by so many Telkom subscribers.

There are still so many ways to check your data balance. We discuss them below.

Checking Data Balance Online

Another way of checking your data balance is to do so online. You just go to the Telkom website and log in. But before you can log in you must have first registered on the website. When you register on the website you must put in your phone number as well as other personal information, including your bank account number. That will help you purchase airtime and data online and make the payments directly from your bank account.

Check your Data Balance on the Telkom App

Another way to check Telkom data balance is to use the Telkom app. The first thing to do therefore is to download the app and install it. You can download the Telkom app on the google play store, or on apple ios, depending on whether you are using an android phone or an iPhone respectively.

When you have registered, the next thing would be to log in to the same app. Please make sure your data connection is switched on.

When you log in to the app you will see your various balances, both airtime and data, and you will also see various options such as changing your tariff plans, buying airtime, buying data, and so on.

The options via which you can check your data balance do not end there; you can also check your data balance by the lesser-known method highlighted below.

Check Your Data Balance via IVR

Checking your Telkom data balance via IVR is very easy and yet demands your concentration. This is because when you dial 188 and press send, you will be communicating to the network via a series of pre-recorded audio messages. They will give you various options which will include buying airtime, buying data, sending airtime, sending data, changing your tariff plans, and so on.

Just listen attentively for the option to check your data balance, and follow the instruction. When you do this you will receive your data as a voice message; the computer voice will read out your data balance to you, and the same balance will be sent to you seconds later as an SMS.