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How to Buy Data on Telkom Mobile (2023)

Telkom, registered as Telkom SA SOC Ltd is a semi-privatized telecommunications company in South Africa. Telkom has transformed from being a state-owned wire-line telephone monopoly company to one of South Africa’s leading providers (by subscriber base) of wireless communications via voice and internet data. The company has even expanded beyond the shores of South Africa, now having a business presence in over 38 countries across Africa. Some of the products offered by the company include voice calling services, and internet services.

The company has steadily won the hearts of the people by providing affordable and quality voice communications services, and also providing efficient internet services. The keyword here is affordable. If you want to enjoy everything the internet has to offer, and you do not want to go broke while doing so, then Telkom is the best bet you can get.

So, how do You buy Data on Telkom mobile? The following paragraphs contain information on how to buy data on your Telkom line so as to avoid interruptions on your business or leisure activities.

How to Buy Data on Telkom Mobile

There are various ways to buy data on your Telkom line, so as to access the web on your mobile phone.

1. USSD Code – 180

To begin with, you can use the oldest or traditional method. All you have to do is load your phone with enough airtime and then proceed to dial *180* and then send. This will then display a dialogue enabling you to select the bundle package that you want.

2. Self Service Portal

Secondly, you can just go to the self-service portal on your mobile phone. This usually appears as an option on your phone. You just click on it and it opens up options including various top-up options for internet bundles. You can also use the portal to view your usage and top-up call minutes, as well as transfer call minutes and internet data to family and friends.

3. Telkom Mobile App

You can also use the Telkom app to buy data on Telkom mobile. This is a more convenient and user-friendly way to do it and is only open to users of high-end phones such as iOS, windows phones, and Android devices. You will need to have an internet connection to log in. This even gives you the opportunity to buy data and voice minutes directly from your bank.

4. Telkom Stores

You can also purchase mobile internet from physical Telkom stores scattered all over the country, as well as Ned bank, Flash, FNB, Standard Bank, PEP, Edcon, ABSA, Shoprite, Foschini, and Shoe City branches nationwide.

How much is the Cost of Data on Telkom mobile?

As mentioned earlier in this post, Telkom is known for providing affordable products and services to its customers without compromising on quality. Here are the prices of prepaid bundles.

Some of the latest deals for the Mo’Nice campaign include:

These data deals are time-based and will expire at the end of the given timeframe.

45MB (only valid for 2 days) – R0.50

250MB (only valid for 14 days) – R2.75

1GB (only valid for 30 days) – R12.00

To purchase the Mo’Nice data, dial *123# and press send. It will then display a set of options including the data bundles and their costs for you to choose from. Before selecting an option please ensure that you have enough money in your airtime account from which to make the purchase.

For FreeMe bundles, you will pay as follows:

It is not necessary that you have airtime in your mobile account for you to purchase bundles for your mobile phone. To buy data bundles on this platform you can just purchase a PIN-less or PIN-based voucher. A pinless voucher permits one to get the value he pays for without having to go through the stress of inputting the pin. You just make the payment and provide your phone number, while the Point Of Sale operator or the attendant at the Direct Store sends you the value. You just get an SMS telling you that the value has been sent.

This is one of the ways of buying data directly without using the traditional method of first purchasing airtime and then converting it to a bundle.

Alternatively, you can purchase data with another easy method. All you need to do after you get the electronic PIN-based voucher is to dial *188* PIN# and then send. Instead of the traditional method where you first get airtime credit and then convert it into internet data; this time the voucher is directly converted as data which is automatically loaded into your SIM card.