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How To Check Telkom Phone Number (2023)

Telkom is one of the most popular mobile networks in South Africa, with one of the largest subscriber bases. Most users have a phone number for home use, and another for business or office calls. Most of us have to memorize other numbers as well, including family friends, and emergency numbers.

But what happens when you have to do something important and then you need your Telkom phone number but can’t remember it? Like you are filling out a form, or you are about to give out your mobile number for something important. So what do you then? How do you get your phone number when memory fails, or when the number is new, and so you have not memorized it?

Telkom has got you covered if you are wondering how to check Telkom phone number; the mobile network has a USSD code with which you can easily get your mobile number, thus saving you from such embarrassing situations, and ensuring that you do what you need to do. We also through in some other tricks by which you can get your number, and conclude with other important codes and tricks that you need to have handy.

How To Check Your Number On Telkom

Check Your Telkom Number via USSD code – *1#

To view your Telkom number just dial *1# on your Telkom number and press send. That is the USSD code that will communicate directly with the network and prompt them to respond by displaying your Telkom mobile number on your screen. You can then give out the number as you wish. That may be the simplest and most convenient way to check your own number on Telkom, but it is not the only way. You can also check your Telkom number with the following tricks.

Check Your Telkom Number With Another Phone

Alternatively, you can just place a call to any available number that is near you, and then your number will be displayed on the person’s screen, from where you can then copy it, and write, or submit it to whomever you wish.

Check With the App

You can also check your Telkom number by using the Telkom app. For this, of course, you need to be using a smartphone and have some balance on your data account.

To have the app, you just need to download it from the google play store, or apple IOS store, depending on whether you use an android phone or an Apple iPhone. After that, you just have to install the app, and then register.

Then login with the details you provided, and you will be met by many different options, including your mobile number, as well as options to buy data, buy airtime, change your tariff plans, and so on. Since what you need at the moment is the mobile number, you just have to copy that and give it to whomever, or wherever it is needed.

What other Numbers Can you get via USSD Codes?

You can also get your IMSI number through a USSD code. Your IMSI is your International Mobile Subscriber Identity number, which is a special code that can be used to track your phone, and the activities carried out on your phone.

In order to get this number, all you have to do is dial *2# and then press send on your Telkom phone. The IMSI number will then pop up on your screen.

What Else can You get Via USSD codes?

Send a “Please Call me message” for free to any Telkom user. In the situation whereby you are out of airtime and have to speak to someone as a matter of urgency, what can you do? In such a situation, you can use a specialized USSD code from Telkom to send the person an automatic Please Call Me Message. To do so just dial *140# and then press send. That will take you to the “Please call me menu” from where you can select the message and the number you wish to send it to.

Alternatively, you can just send the message to them directly by *140*the person’s phone number# and then press send. This will immediately send an SMS to the person saying ‘Please Call Me.’ The Sender will be your number, and if the person has saved your number he will see your name.