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All MTN ShortCodes/USSD Codes (2023)

As you might already know, MTN is the most recognized Telecommunications company in Southern Africa, and one of the biggest on the whole continent. Just as a result of its popularity alone, many new customers are joining the network every day.

Whether you are a new subscriber or a long-time user, you may still have the need a reference book of all necessary MTN shortcodes that can help you enjoy your mobile experience. You may bookmark this page so you can easily find it when you need to have an MTN USSD code.

One thing that identifies MTN as a network is the fact that they place a high value on innovation; the company is continually trying to improve customer experience. Instead of journeying to an MTN shop, or spending time on the phone talking to customer agents, MTN makes it easy for you to take charge of your communication experience by yourself. MTN has several shortcodes and USSD codes that can help you perform simple tasks like changing your options, subscribing to services, and so on.

All MTN USSD ShortCodes

How to check MTN balance

The USSD code for checking your account balance is *136#

This is probably the easiest one to remember. No matter what network you use, there is always a need to keep track of your spending. Even though this is quite well known, we will put it here just for records. This will give you your airtime balance. You can also get a more detailed summary of your MTN balance by dialing *136*1#. To check your SUL balance, just dial *136*1*7851#.

MTN Self-Service Code

To access the MTN self-service system just dial *136#.

As mentioned in the introduction to this post, one major benefit of the MTN short code service is that you can perform simple tasks like changes in your options without having to visit an MTN shop or call a customer care agent. You can still call in to receive voice prompts by dialing 136. You may access a limited version of this service from a non-MTN phone by dialing 083 136.

MTN Voicemail Code

The shortcode for voicemail on the MTN South Africa network is 132.

Of course, Voicemail itself has many options under it, and we will get to them in the paragraphs below, but if you want to access your voicemail, the first thing you need to do is press 132. For non-MTN users or those using landlines, the code to use is 083 132.

Other MTN codes under the voicemail option

Changing Your Voicemail Greeting Code

Dial 132 and select option 3

If you want to change the greeting on your voicemail then all you have to do is Dial 132 and select option 3. From a Non-MTN phone, you can do this by dialing 08314, followed by the nine digits of your phone number.

Voicemail Autoplay

To set your Voicemail to Autoplay simply dial 132 and select option 4.

This will immediately put your phone on autoplay so you don’t miss any important messages. From a non-MTN phone, you can access this service by dialing 08314, followed by the nine digits of their phone number.

Voicemail Password

It makes all the sense in the world to have a good password for your voicemail so as to keep your messages safe and private. If your password has been compromised you can change it by dialing 132 and selecting the option for changing the voicemail password. To access this service from a non-MTN phone you can just dial 08314, and then followed by the nine digits of your phone number.

Automatic Voicemail

Automatic voicemail is a good option when you have to be away for some time, and you will not be available to answer your phone. The code to use is 132. This service is accessible to non-MTN users, the code to use is 083132.

Redirecting Voicemail

To redirect your voicemail just dial 134 followed by the nine digits of the number that you wish to leave your voicemail to. From a non-MTN phone just dial 08314 followed by the nine digits of the number you wish to leave a voice mail to.

How to buy MTN data

To purchase data bundles, just dial *136*10# and select the data bundles option.

Being one of the most influential internet service providers in South Africa, many users come to MTN to benefit from their great internet service. You can purchase internet bundles using shortcodes on the MTN network.

Some Popular Internet Bundles and their Codes are Below:

MTN Rush Hour 10MB

This is the deal for 10MB which you can use for 60 minutes. To get this data package just dial *136*2*44311# and follow the prompts.

MTN One Day 20MB

This data deal is to get 20MB internet for a day. The shortcode for this deal is *136*2# and follow the prompts.

Daily MTN Night Express 250MB

This deal gives you 250MB data to use at night, between 00:01 and 05:59. The short code for this option is *136*2# and follow the prompts.

MTN 50MB Weekly

MTN 50MB Weekly package gives you 50MB data to use for a whole week. The shortcode for this option is *136*2# and follow then you follow the prompts.

MTN 1GB Fortnightly

The MTN 1GB Fortnightly data package gives you 1GB data to use for two weeks. The short code for this option is *136*2# and follow then follow the prompts.

These are just a few of the most popular data options. We have a comprehensive list of the MTN data options and their short codes.

How to check MTN data balance

Of course, when you buy data you need to know how much you have as your balance. You may check your balance by dialing the USSD code *131*4#. You can also check your data by texting ‘2’ to 131.

MTN data transfer USSD code

The USSD code for that is *136*3#. You could also use; *136*6328*.

You can also transfer data from one MTN user to the other one.

How to check your number on MTN numbers

You can easily get your MTN phone number by dialing *123*888#.

Sometimes you want to give your number to someone or to write it down on a form, and it just flies away from your head.

MTN recharge code

Just dial *141*

MTN recharge code. Most of us who are prepaid customers recharge our phones by using vouchers. To load airtime into your cell phone using vouchers you can just dial *141* followed by the voucher number, and then #. You can even recharge another MTN phone by dialing *141* followed by the voucher number and then * after which you now key in the MTN number you wish to recharge, and the # and then you send.

MTN Internet settings

If you wish to get MTN internet settings for a new phone you can do so by dialing *123*12#.

MTN subscription codes

MTN subscription codes are also called 141 codes. They are designed to help you easily subscribe to services.

*141*0# for Master Menu

*141*4# for Change Price Plan

*141*9# for MTN Loyalty

*141*3# for MTN Me2U

*141*10# for MTN Eazi Recharge

*120*668# for Mobile Money

*120*555# for MTN Compass

*141*9# for MTN Loyalty

*121* (number)# for CallBack

*200# for MTN Directory Enquiries

MTN Upgrade Check

Having used the basic entry-level version of the MTN network, you may wish to check whether or not you qualify for an upgrade so as to enjoy more quality and freedom. You can do so by SMS; just send ‘Upgrade’ to 30630.