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Second Hand Clothing Johannesburg – Top 10 Places and Stores

There are several thrift stores in South Africa where one can get trendy and affordable clothes irrespective of your budget and even your preferred style. Some of these stores have been around for a while now, and are still supplying nice second hand clothes to their numerous customers.

In this article, we will see several recommended stores anyone can get second hand clothes around Johannesburg. Let’s get to business quickly.

Second Hand Clothing Johannesburg

1. Bounty Hunters Charity Shop

This organization is satisfying clothes lovers and at the same time serving a good purpose. Bounty Hunters Charity Shop is a thrift store in Johannesburg that depends solely on donations, supporting 30 charity organizations.

It is cool to donate few items one is no longer using, even if you are not buying any clothes. With this, you can be glad that your money is going for a good cause.

Bounty Hunters Charity Shop Contact Details

Telephone: 076 279 6122

Email Address: [email protected]

Physical Address: 71 4th Avenue, Melville, Johannesburg.

2. The Curiosity Charity Shop

The Curiosity Charity Shop is a versatile thrift store where one can get several items, including clothes, shoes, handbags, and even furniture with books.

The Curiosity Charity Shop Contact Details

Telephone: 011 888 0707

Email Address: [email protected]

Physical Address: 225 Beyers Naudé Drive, Northcliff, Randburg, Johannesburg.

3. Junkie Charity Store

You can also get good second hand clothes at Junkie Charity Store. The store was established back in 2010 and have been selling high quality and beautiful items since then. They have several satisfied customers around Johannesburg who patronize them for their interesting and unique stuff.

Each visit to Junkie Charity Store will give you adventure and an exhilarating thrifting experience in Johannesburg. Aside their superb vintage clothes, you can also decide to get other items like books, toys, haberdashery, and so on. It should also be noted that the store supports several charity organizations around the country. So, it’s actually cool dealing with them.

Junkie Charity Store Contact Details

Telephone: 082 923 4189

Physical Address: 7A 7th Street, Melville, Johannesburg.

4. HospiceWits

Still in need of a superb store in Johannesburg where you can get very nice second hand clothes? Then you might want to try out HospiceWits. You won’t only get beautiful items here, but you are also encouraged to support their charity causes. They are concerned about taking care of the terminally ill as well as expressing the necessity of living life to the fullest.

HospiceWits is a recommendable brand for your thrifting adventures. Simply go ahead to pick your second hand clothes, and at the same time, contribute to a good cause.

It should be added that they don’t only sell secondhand clothes, but they also sell other secondhand items like books, furniture, children’s items, artwork, DVDs, accessories, magazines, and so on. You can even get nice footwear, chairs, bags, and suitcases at HospiceWits. Visit their website for more information about them –

HospiceWits Contact Details

Television: 011 483 9100

Email Address: [email protected]

5. The Johannesburg Children’s Home Thrift Shop

Another recommendable place for lovers of secondhand clothes in Johannesburg. Though they aren’t as old as some other stores around, they also had attention, and one can always select very nice secondhand items at the store.

Apart from clothes, you can also buy items like books and music, toys, rugs, and carpets, etc. There is usually something for everyone here, keeping in mind that all their proceeds here go to the kids of the Johannesburg Children’s Home. So, you are also in a way ensuring those lovely children are well taken care of and provided for too.

The Johannesburg Children’s Home Thrift Shop Contact Details


Telephone: 011 648 1120

Email Address: [email protected]

Physical Address: SOHO Square, 50 Grant Avenue, Norwood, Johannesburg.

6. Reminiscene

They enjoy taking folks back down the memory lane and ensure you can bring something back here for yourself. Reminiscene is a vintage store that takes one back in time. You can easily get vintage items that are classy and afford. Reminiscene had been around for many years now – over 35 years. They have the reputation and are also recommends.

You can get nice secondhand clothes at the store. You can also get other items like handbags, bags, shoes, gloves, etc. Reminiscene is around Melville, and you can easily buy clothes that have been around as far back as the 1970s.

Reminiscene Contact Details


Telephone: 083 256 0813

Email Address: [email protected]

Physical Address: 4 Melpark Heights, corner of 7th Avenue and 9th Street, Melville, Johannesburg.

7. Yaga!

Let’s now take things online. After all, you can stay anywhere in Johannesburg and still be able to buy and shop at the comfort of your home. While Yaga is versatile, this is about utilizing the platform to buy second-hand clothing J. You can go ahead to start shopping with ease.

The online store is easy to use. Additionally, you can still download their app and take advantage of its features. On Yaga, one can even find some of their favourite local brands on the online store

Yaga Contact Details


Email Address: [email protected]

8. @huntressjozi

Now, let’s explore Instagram thrift stores. This one is one of the popular ones around. They are opened 6 days in a week

Contact Details

Physical Address: 358 Jan Smuts ave Craighall JHB

9. @wizards.vintage

Here is another clothing brand which fashion lovers in Johannesburg can also utilized. All you need do is flip and see what’s for you and then place your order.

10. @thrift_culture

Finally, we present another popular Instagram thrift store in South Africa where you can do as much shopping as you like from the comfort of your home. This is a brand with many followers, and anyone can come over to get something they like. You don’t have to always spend too much money just to get what you love.


In conclusion, you can take advantage of this list to buy nice secondhand clothes in Johannesburg, satisfying your personal fashion sense.