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Cement Prices In South Africa (2023)

Cement is indispensable as far as construction is concerned. When building anything like houses and bridges, you must make use of cement. Interestingly, there are different types of cement you can always purchase in South Africa since there are several companies manufacturing them.

Cement prices in South Africa range from R 35.90 to R 559. Usually, the price varies depending on the type of cement you are buying as well as the brand you are settling for. It is advisable to always get counsel from qualified professionals before buying the type of cement you think you need.

Cement Prices In South Africa

These are cement prices in South Africa currently:

A. Cement 32.5N KBC (20 kg) – R 35.90

B Cement 32.5N KBC (50kg) – R 80.95

C. PPC Surecem 32.5R (50kg) – R 85

D. Sephaku 32.5N Cement (50 kg) – R 85

E. Sephaku 42.5N Cement (50 kg) – R 97

F. Cement PPC Surecem 32.5r – R 99.95

G. Cement Afrisam All-Purpose 42.5N – R 102.95

H. Mamba Cement Ii A-m 42,5N – R 105

I. Champion Cement Ii A-m 42,5N – R 104.95

J. Cement PPC Surebuild 42.5N 50 kg – R 109.85

K. White Cement 52.5N (50 kg) – R 559

These cement prices in South Africa will guide you when you want to purchase any type of cement anywhere you are in the country. You should know that there are different types of cement out there, while it is very important as it is a prominent material you should have on your bucket list when making construction plans.

What Can You Use Cement For In South Africa?

If you want to build a very strong structure that will last and endure for a long time, then you can’t do without cement while in the process. It is a pretty powerful binding agent in construction and is versatile too. In other words, it can be utilized for different important things.

These are some prominent functions of cement:

1. Cement is used in mortar for a wide range of activities. For instance, it can be used for masonry tasks and plastering. Experts in the field of building are well familiar with what it takes to use cement to achieve their various aims and objectives.

2. Cement can be used for doing joints for drains and pipes. The measure and type that is used per time are determined by the type of job at hand. This is one of the core reasons why it is important to see to it that only experts are handling these things.

For instance, if a novice makes attempts to mix cement for something revolving around making joints for drains and pipes, they may not recognize the right measure to use. And they may simply mess things up.

3. Cement is used for water tightness of structure, and this can be handled properly in the hands of an expert in building. Experts are familiar with the skills of manipulating these things to achieve the main aim.

4. Cement is also used in concrete for laying floors in buildings. Professionals know what to do to lay the type of floor that is desired by their clients. Once you tell them what you need, they know the type of cement they have to get as well as the measure that should be utilized for effectiveness and efficiency.

Aside from laying floors in buildings, it is also utilized for roofs and constructing lintels. Stronger ones require more cement, but it makes them really strong. Additionally, if you want to create strong stairs that can last for a very long time, then you can simply go for cement.

Some of these things (like stairs and pillars) in South Africa have been in existence for so many years now, and still standing firm and strong.

5. Cement can be utilized at spots where a tough surface is needed for the protection of exposed surfaces of a structure. It is a known fact that several factors can cause cases like this. But it can be dangerous at times leaving them the way they are. Therefore, we use cement to ensure destructive agents won’t cause more havoc to the building.

6. Cement is also used for stuff that has to do with precast pipes manufacturing, piles, and so on. Like others, when the right measure of cement is introduced, it is a whole lot in seeing the aim accomplished.

7. Cement is turned to when it comes to the construction of important engineering structures like bridges and tunnels. We know that when it comes to the construction of homes, for instance, there are several options available. Anyone can decide to use cheaper alternatives like wood and the rest, and it is fine.

However, when it comes to the building of such formidable structures as bridges (which must be very strong enough to carry all manner of vehicles for a long time without being hazardous to motorists), then cement is chosen.

Interestingly, many brides and tunnels you see in South Africa have been around for so many years now. Despite that they are being used by multiple motorists every day, they are still standing very strong. This is because we make use of cement in building these things.

8. Cement is usually prominent when it comes to its usage in the preparation of foundations. Foundations must be very strong for obvious reasons, and cement can be trusted.

9. Cement is utilized when it comes to constructing wells, roads, and so on. As you should know, these things must be very strong, and we can’t compromise strength. Therefore, cement is usually what is used to get such structures standing.