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Top 10 Biggest Clothing Retailers In South Africa (2024)

There are several clothing retailers in South Africa offering superb products and services, and plenty of satisfied customers from different parts of the country. In this article, we will see some of the very best of them, considering such important factors as their reliability. As you will get to see, these brands have been around for some time now and can be easily patronised from the comfort of your home.

Today, it is not just enough to have quality wears without making it easy for customers to be aware of such, as well as purchasing without headaches. So, one of the features of the big players in the industry is how they make available a platform where customers can easily purchase their products from any part of the country. The biggest clothing retailers in South Africa have the latest trendy styles and provide quality products. People can get nice clothes irrespective of their budget or gender. Let’s see some of the top 10 clothing retailers in South Africa.

Top 10 Biggest Clothing Retailers In South Africa

1. Zana

Zana was founded in 2012 by Sue and Robyn Britz and has grown to become one of the biggest in SA. The brand can boast of tons of satisfied customers in different places in South Africa and is now a nice go-to place for many fashion lovers in the country. Interestingly, Zana doesn’t just attend to customers in South Africa but also has patronisers in different places in the world. So if you place priority on quality clothes, you can look towards this direction.

2. Zaful SA

Another big clothing retailer in South Africa is Zaful. The brand offers a one-stop shopping experience for lovers of fashion in the country. If you want something trendy as a fashion enthusiast, you can patronise Zaful, taking advantage of their online presence to make your order anywhere you are (they can boast of a broad market of over 260 countries). Their clothes have quality attached, and they are also affordable (since you can simply get what you can afford according to your budget).

3. Superbalist

It used to be known as Spree before evolving into Superbalist. The brand started from somewhere to become one of the biggest clothing retailers in South Africa. Being one of the biggest in the country currently, they have a lot of customers and have been satisfying fashion lovers in different parts of the country. You can get formal and casual clothes, cover work attires, and so on from their online store, which can be accessed from anywhere you are.

4. Label Collections

Label Collections’ brand is focused on ensuring pregnant women keep looking nice while pregnant. Of course, it is left to a pregnant woman if or not she wants to remain fashionable while still carrying her baby in her stomach. Some pregnant women, don’t think in this direction at this point, particularly when they consider the stress which seems to be attached to all of this. But with a brand like Label Collections, things become easier, and you can keep looking attractive.

5. Makoya Brands

Makoya Brands’ satisfied customers who are fashion lovers since its inception. If you are looking for quality wear, you can head over to Makoya Brands via their online platform and do your shopping peacefully. For those with stylish fashion sense, they can always get something here. The company has genuine clothing brands gotten from places like the United States of America and in Europe. You can get nice jeans, dresses, sweaters, polo shirts, and so on. You can even purchase handbags and footwear from their online store from the comfort of your home

6. Hello Pretty

Hello Pretty is another big clothing retailer in South Africa. One interesting thing about this brand is their penchant for locally made fashion apparel. If you are a big fan of these, you can simply head over to their online store to get tops, outwear, and so on.

7. MRP

One of the things to note about MRP is that you can easily get nice cheap clothes here. The brand is a leading fashion clothing store in the country and is known for its diversity in clothing options. In other words, there are different things available for different people to get from them, according to the interest and needs of the customer. With a big presence in other African countries, they also sell cheap clothes that are even up to international fashion standards. So, you can patronise them with confidence.

8. Zando

Established back in 2012, Zando has evolved and grown to become a strong South African brand with its own reputation. This clothing retailer features clothes from big brands in its store – both local designers and international.

9. H & M

H & M is one of the top 10 clothing retailers in the country, and you can simply take advantage of their online store to get superb clothes anywhere you are in South Africa. While it is an international brand, it has a strong presence in South Africa, hence sits as one of the best in the country. They offer fashionable wears for people – both men and women, babies and teens, young and old.

10. Jo Borkett

Lastly here is Jo Borkett, which is one of the top clothing brands in the country. They sell sophisticated work attire and elegant dinner gowns. They know what it means to produce nice things and you can check out their products, plus shop anywhere you are in South Africa taking advantage of their online store.


In conclusion, it is important to note that there are several other clothing brands doing well in South Africa, satisfying tons of fashion lovers with superb and quality wear. Nevertheless, these ones listed here have been able to get an impressive reputation in the industry since they were established.