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Ga-Rankuwa Nursing College Requirements, Online Application, Courses And Fees

One of the best nursing schools in South Africa is the Ga-Rankuwa Nursing College. The Nursing College is located in Johannesburg. The college is open to all school leavers, non-school leavers, and special applicants irrespective of any specifications like race, color, religion, etc.

The school is also known to offer a variety of different nursing programs for undergraduate, master’s, diploma, doctorate, bachelor’s, pre-masters, distant education, etc. Also, the school is known to provide merit admissions to those that meet the requirement.

Ga-Rankuwa Nursing College Application, Form, Admission Requirement, Fees, and Programmes/Course Offered.

Online Application

To apply for admission into the Nursing College, it is important to do that via the Ga-Rankuwa Nursing College Student Portal via the official website. This is because detailed information on how to apply has been given there.

After applying online, it is important to pay the application fees so as to get your form processed. Without payment of the application fee, your application will not be processed. For more information on the amount of money to be paid as the application fee, kindly visit the school website

School Fees

In order to get the accurate school fees of the school, it is important to consult the school management. However, general school fees also apply to the school. The annual school fees of the school include the following

  • Registered Nurses and Midwives R640
  • Enrolled Nurses and Midwives R380
  • Enrolled Nursing Auxiliaries R270

Note that there is a price reduction for some set of people including those above 60 years and above.

For 65 Years of Age and Older on 1st January

  • Registered Nurses and Midwives R340
  • Enrolled Nurses and Midwives R200
  • Enrolled Nursing Auxiliaries R150

For 60-64 Years of Age on 1st January

  • Registered Nurses and Midwives R500
  • Enrolled Nurses and Midwives R300
  • Enrolled Nursing Auxiliaries R210

The fees given above are the general school fees for nursing colleges in South Africa. You can consult the school management to get the exact school fees of the college.

Ga-Rankuwa Nursing College Admission Requirements

It is highly recommended that any applicant willing to gain admission into the college must have the following

  • Mathematics Literacy level 5 or Mathematics Level 4
  • Physical Science Level 4
  • Life Science Level 4

For the clinical schedules, training will be done in general and midwifery hospitals, psychiatric hospitals, the community, and community health service facilities in the respective Province.

What is SANC?

SANC, also known as The South African Nursing Council is the body saddled with the responsibility of setting and maintaining the standards of nursing education in the Republic of South Africa. The body was brought to life by the Nursing Act, 1944 (Act No. 45 of 1944).

In order to be able to get admission into the College, you have to possess the following characteristics as an applicant

Other Requirements

In order to get admitted into the school, it is important for the applicants to have the following characteristics

  • Problem-solving ability
  • Patience
  • Love for people
  • Organizational ability
  • Leadership ability
  • Flexibility
  • A sense of humor
  • Study skills
  • Honesty

Also, it is important to know that the minimum requirement for a certificate in Nursing Science is a C with relevant combinations of all other subjects. However, for those aspiring for Diploma in Nursing Science, you must have attained an aggregate of C plain or above in English and Biology and a C- (minus) in one of the subjects including Chemistry, Physics, or Mathematics.

Ga-Rankuwa Nursing College Courses And Programmes Offered

The following are the list of nursing programmes that are being offered in Ga Rakunwa Nursing College

  • Diploma in Nursing including General, Psychiatric, Midwifery Nursing Science and Community Health (Four Years Programme)
  • Pupil Enrolled in Nursing Science (Two Years Programme)
  • Post Basic Nursing Science including
  1. Community Health
  2. Orthopaedics
  3. Midwifery Course (For One Year)
  4. Advanced Diploma in Midwifery
  5. Palliative
  6. Ophthalmology
  7. Child Nursing
  8. Operating Room Technique
  9. Renal
  10. Primary Health Care
  11. Oncology

Ga-Rankuwa Nursing College Contact Details [Address]

  • Address: 9111 Setlogelo Street, Ga-Rankuwa Unit 2, Ga-Rankuwa, 0208, South Africa
  • Phone: +27 12 560 0450

Nursing is known to be one of the lucrative courses in the World. This is because they work hand in hand with the medical doctors to provide care for the sick ones. Ga-Rankuwa is also known for producing up-to-date nurses that not only take care of the sick but also contribute tremendously to the development of their communities.