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Nursing Colleges in Eastern Cape (2023)

List Of Nursing Colleges In Eastern Cape. The Eastern Cape is one of the provinces of South Africa. Its capital is Bhisho, but its two largest cities are East London and Port Elizabeth.

Nursing Colleges In Eastern Cape

  1. Netcare Education Eastern Cape Campus

Full Address Of The Institution: Eastern Cape Campus Greyville House Building, Second Floor, Corner of Ring Road, Greyville Road and, Cape Rd, Greenacres, Port Elizabeth, 6045, South Africa

Tel. Contact: +27 41 363 2138

  1. Nido Nursing College

Full Address Of The Institution: Rosedale, Uitenhage, 6241, South Africa

  1. Damelin – East London

Full Address Of The Institution: 57-61 Union St, East London Cbd, East London, 5201, South Africa

Tel Contact: +27 43 726 4291

  1. The IIE’s Varsity College – Port Elizabeth

Full Address Of The Institution: 1 Mercantile Bank Plaza, Ring Rd, Greenacres, Port Elizabeth, 6045, South Africa

Tel Contact: +27 41 363 4223

  1. Lilitha College of Nursing Libode

Full Address Of The Institution: Port Elizabeth Campus, 58 Park Dr, Central, Port Elizabeth, 6001, South Africa

Tel Contact: +27 41 393 0250

  1. Department Of Nursing Science, Nelson Mandela University

Address: University Way, Summerstrand, Port Elizabeth, 6019, South Africa

  1. Department Of Nursing Science, Walter Sisulu University

Address: 1 Branksome Rd, Chiselhurst, East London, 5247, South Africa

Tel Contact: +27 (0)47 502 2111

  1. Department Of Nursing Science, University of Fort Hare

Address: University of Fort Hare – 01 King William’s Town Road, 5700 Alice, Eastern Cape, South Africa.

How To Become A Registered Nurse In Eastern Cape

Indeed, anyone can wake up one day and claim to be anything – including a nurse. And so, there are quack nurses, and they are genuine nurses. How then can one recognize a genuine nurse even in South Africa? The person has to be a registered nurse.

So, if you are aspiring to become a nurse in Eastern Cape, what you must aim for is to be a registered nurse. Being a registered nurse points to your genuineness, and it gets people confident in your activities as far as health is concerned

So, what are the things to do to become a registered nurse in Eastern Cape? Well, before talking about them, we must first establish the fact that becoming a registered nurse in Eastern Cape is just saying “becoming a registered nurse in South Africa “, as the same process is applicable everywhere, irrespective of the South African city or province you found yourself.

Having clarified those, here are the steps to take to become a South African registered nurse:

  1. The first thing to do is to apply and enroll at a nursing school that is accredited. It can be a nursing college or an accredited university offering nursing science. We should add that you must ensure you carry out due diligence and confirm that the nursing school is one that is approved by the SA Nursing Council. This Council is the one that regulates the nursing field in South Africa. You can access their website via

After settling for your institution of choice, you can get their application form through any means.

  1. You will pass through vehement training in the nursing school to know your onions. When you are done, you will then complete a year of mandatory community service before you can step into the workforce.
  2. As soon as you graduate from nursing school, the management will send a Certificate of Completion to the SANC. Before you start doing your thing, you are to register with the SA Nursing Council. This way, you can practice the profession confidently, with legality.

To register with the Nursing Council, here are some documents you are to present:

  1. – A Proof of identity
  2. – A Certificate of good character and standing
  3. – Proof of your qualifications

Asides these, after paying the necessary registration fee, you are to follow any other instruction given by the officials of the Council.

When you have settled these, you are to partake in the SANC exam. The exam you will write is one that will go with the area of specialization you desire going into. You should check the exam schedule on the Council’s website. Also, ensure you prepare well for the exam and aim for the sky.