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Top 10 ISP in South Africa (2023)

Top Internet Service Providers in South Africa continue to play the vital role of providing internet connectivity which is the very lifeblood of communication, commerce, and technology.

These internet service providers’ ISPs provide basically the same service which is internet connect: and so making a list of the best internet service providers in South Africa may be a particularly daunting task indeed. Nevertheless, customer sentiment is usually a trustworthy metric because customers will only use services when they are satisfied with the offer, and also when they believe that the products compare favorably with what they can find anywhere else.

The ISPs in South Africa that are currently enjoying the confidence of the users have to constantly create products and services that keep them competitive, and their products in demand.

Top 10 ISP in South Africa


Vox is a leading ISP provider in the country. The company is also a solid ICT and telecom operator that provides a wide range of services from ADSL, mobile, wireless, WiFi, Satellite, voice, security, and email services. The company also provides SMEs, and even enterprises with cloud computing, visual communication, backup, PBX, among many others.

Vox has gained an enviable reputation as a top ISP, enjoying the patronage and confidence of the South African public.


MTN is a top ISP in South Africa. As a matter of fact, MTN is so big that they provide internet data to some other ISPs who then resell to the end-users in South Africa. The company is also a provider of mobile telephony, not just in South Africa, but also in several other African countries.

MTN offers you both broadband and WiFi services, and there are postpaid and prepaid options. MTN is spearheading the 5G connectivity race in South Africa, although many of their packages are still only offered on long-term contracts.


Axxess is an ISP in South Africa that has a diverse range of products and offers. The company provides great fiber deals, as well as ADSL and VDSL internet, fiber internet, mobile internet, website hosting, and voice services.

The company provides these without the burden of unnecessarily long contracts. Furthermore, this company does impose the impropriety of unnecessary credit checks.

The company also offers perks such as free VoIP calls to other Axxess users on some packages.


Afrihost is a South African ISP that offers many different internet packages depending on your individual needs. The company also offers services such as fiber, LTE fixed wireless, mobile, ADSL and VDSL, hosting, domain, internet marketing, and many other such services.

Many users choose Afrihost for their internet needs because the company does not include any unnecessarily long contracts, they have a great reputation, and also because they have been in the industry for a long time- around 20 years.


Webafrica is a South African ISP that provides a great array of internet products for both homes and offices. The process is especially easy; Webafrica allows potential customers to signup online, and then the Wifi is shipped to their locations. The company’s core value is ease of use.

The company offers Fasterfast fiber, racy-fast LTE at home, as well as the old-school ADSL. The prices vary with the speed, and you can get internet service for your business premises for as low as R39 per month. However, please note that speed plays a very important role in determining the cost of internet connectivity.


MWEB is another ISP that offers a broad-based network including several products ranging from ADSL to fiber, and LTE. This ISP also provides services like web hosting, Microsoft Home Office, Showmax, cloud computing, computer security services, and premium mailbox.

MWEB internet services compete favorably in terms of quality, and also in terms of pricing. Many homes, offices, and small businesses depend on MWEB for their internet connectivity in South Africa.

Cool Ideas

Somehow, Cool Ideas has managed to retain its position as a major ISP in South Africa. The company has been constantly reinventing itself from a major investor in Fiber to Home services (FTTH) to branching out into a total internet company with a vast array of services on offer.

A good thing about Cool Ideas is that it does not try to lock you in with long-term contracts; rather, the company offers you month-to-month subscriptions, relying on customer satisfaction as the reason why customers will stay on with the company.

Cool Ideas was voted the best ISP for the year 2020. The company enjoys huge patronage, especially from those that like to stream videos on the internet or watch movies online.


Supersonic is an ISP that sells speed. The company sells monthly fibre packages to its teeming subscribers tailored to suit individual needs and pockets. The company offers uncapped fiber, prepaid fibre deals, and the coverage is quite impressive- being available almost all over the country.

Supersonic offers download speeds of up to 23.377 Mbps on some packages, the company sells itself as being very focused on speed.


Home- Connect is an ISP in South Africa that focuses on providing fast and smooth internet connectivity to South African homes. The company offers fiber services that are uncapped, but the packages are differentiated by speed.

The company offers 20mbs, 50mbs, 100mbs, and 200mbs deals which are ideal for social media and email uses, video streaming uses video and voice calling, as well as online gaming.


Cybersmart is a South African ISP that offers uncapped internet, as well as Web and Email Hosting and Superfast SSD Webhosting services. Cybersmart also offers some of the cheapest ADSL in the country, and it is because of these affordable services that the company is chosen by most clients.

This is actually one of the most dependable internet service providers in South Africa.