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Cheapest Uncapped WiFi Deals In South Africa (2023)

It goes without saying that internet data connectivity is a necessity, and it is one thing that we continue to need in more volume than ever before. What that means is that we simply cannot get enough internet data; we need more and more. Wifi deals generally have limits, but those limits are just not good enough. We need unlimited wifi data, and we need it at affordable prices.

In this article, we give you well-researched tips on the best Uncapped Wifi deals 2022. If you want to know the best-unlimited wifi package in South Africa for 2022, then you have come to the right place. Happy reading.

6 Cheapest Uncapped Wifi Deals In South Africa

1. Afrihost

Afrihost has emerged as one of the topmost reliable providers of cheap internet services in South Africa. This service has the added advantage of being powered by the MTN network; this means that you get network coverage literally wherever you go.

One major advantage that you get with this package is the fact that you can manage your spending quite effectively. You may settle for an out of bundle rate, which means that you can switch the bundle on or off as you please, depending on your budget, and while you are surfing without the bundle you don’t have to pay through your nose.

This carrier gives the following perks:

Free SIM Card.

Rates as low as 1c per MB

Your Device is ready to switch to LTE

For the 1MBS plan, you can get rates of R54 per month for home use, R205 for the Premium plan, and R316 for the business plan.

2. Axxess

While Axess may not be so famous across the world as a mobile connectivity provider, this company has been gradually winning the hearts of many subscribers with its very good internet packages. This company has been building up a reputation for being very friendly to the pocket when it comes to mobile deals. This company has data-only SIM cards, which avoid any confusion about what the customer wants.

When you use up your data, or when the contract expires, you are not met with crazy out of bundle rates. The company gives the following perks:

You may use your old MTN SIMS to register for their services.

The company offers very good deals, one of which is the 2mbs unlimited deal. This costs R84 per month for home use, R285 per month for the premium deal, and R416 per month for the business package.

The company also offers different unlimited wifi deals that are categorized by the speed of the connection. They have 1MBS, 2MBS, 4mbs, 8mbs, 10mbs, 20mbs, and 40mbs deals, depending on your internet needs, although it is quite clear that the higher speeds are targeted at corporate clients.


ITNT comes in next for its good array of mobile data options with good prices. If what you are looking for is a mobile network that will offer you quality service for a low budget, then you should be looking at this provider.

This provider gives you flexibility; there are no out of bundle costs, and there are no charges for switching between bundle packages. Some of the perks of this provider are as follows:

R59 for 500MB

R113 for 1GB

R226 for 2GB

R452 for 4GB

R903 for 8GB

4. Vox Telecom

Due to aggressive marketing and very good and affordable internet connection services, Vox Telecom has won the hearts of so many South Africans. Many people love this service provider because it allows them to budget their spending by not exceeding the data cap. When you use their unlimited wifi monthly plan you can get really cheap and dependable internet service throughout the month.

For R99 a month you can get 1mbs data for a month, and you can higher speeds also cheaply; like the 2mbs deal for just R149 a month, the 4mbs deal for R 299, and the 20mbs deal for R402. There are other deals advertised by the company, but we like to stop here; those other deals are more expensive and are targeted at corporate customers, not individuals.

5. Mweb

Mweb is another company that offers great value for money in terms of wifi internet connectivity. The company offers many different internet bundles to suit the pocket of each individual customer. When you choose Mweb, you control how much you spend on data per month, and you don’t pay unreasonably high amounts for out of bundle internet use.

The unlimited internet wifi deals on MWEB are paid monthly, and are quite affordable- for instance, the 2mbs deal costs R99, the 4mbs deal costs R 219, the 20mbs deal costs R399, and so on. These deals are available for you, depending on what you can afford.

6. WIRUlink

Wirulink is another company that serves the South African market with quality internet services. They offer various bundles depending on your needs and depending on your budget. If you are looking for an internet wifi service that is cheap and reliable, then you can check this out.

They also offer unlimited monthly subscriptions ranging from 5MB to 50MB, and which starts at R499 per month.