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Requirements to Study Law in South Africa (2023)

One of the best places where you can study law is South Africa. The country provides different opportunities for not just law students, but all graduates. Also, the economy of South Africa is amazing and consistently improving. Various schools in the country offer law courses and requirements to study law in South Africa makes it easy to sort those that eligible for the course.

Studying in a country with a good economy and strong educational stance is undoubtedly, what every student craves. If you are planning to study law in South Africa, congratulations, you chose the right place. Moreover, in this article, major information concerning studying law in South Africa will be discussed.

Requirement To Study Law In South Africa

To study Law in South African universities, you have to meet certain requirements. First, you need to have an APS score. The Admission Point Score in South African universities varies. Once you decide the institution where you would like to study law, check their APS cut-off and ensure that you meet.

For instance, at WITS,

  • APS cut-off mark for LLB is 43
  • APS cut-off mark for BCOM(Law) is 39
  • APS cut-off mark for BA(Law) is 43

The APS score to study law in South African universities aren’t the same. You must meet the APS score for your preferred institution before you would be considered.

High School Subjects Needed To Study Law In South Africa

Apart from having an APS score of 43 for LLB, 39 for BCOM(Law), and 43 for BA(Law)., you need to pass subjects such as Mathematics, English Language or an additional language, and Mathematical Literacy. Universities in South Africa require different grading for these subjects. Moreover, virtually all law institutions in the country will demand results from those subjects.

Is Law A Profitable Course In South Africa?

Yes. Law is a profitable course in South Africa. As a law graduate, you will find different job opportunities in the country. Salaries of South African lawyers range from 643,440 to 655,000. If you are a lawyer with more experience and skills, then you will earn more than that amount.

Reasons To Study Law In South Africa?

There are many countries where you can acquire a law degree, moreover, what makes South Africa a special and better place to learn the course? You don’t have to be too curious because this section will explain some of the reasons why you should consider studying law in South Africa.

  • Great Academics

Most schools that offer law in South Africa have a high global ranking. So if you are choosing to study law in South African universities, your training and educational process will be world-class. Even, the top three best universities in Africa are located in the country. One of the common mistakes people who want to study law make is choosing the wrong country or school to study the course. If you choose a good country with high educational standards, it will be easier for you to thrive as a professional lawyer and start making money with the course. Also, in South Africa, the amount or price range to study law is quite reasonable even though the academic services are top-notch.

  • Amazing Climate

The weather condition in South Africa is awesome. Snow is not a common phenomenon in African countries, moreover, South Africa is one of the few in Africa where it snows. The weather condition in the country isn’t harsh so you will relish the process of learning. Certain factors affect the productivity and activities of students in every school; one of which is the climate condition.

  • South Africa Has A Diverse Locale

The country has a multiethnic locale; eleven national languages, variant wildlife, and landscapes show the diverse nature of the country. As a law student, you have to consistently relieve your academic stress. South Africa is a good place where you can go on an adventure, meet new people and learn about different cultures.

  • South Africa Has A Good Economy

Although South Africa is still regarded as a developing country, it is still one of the African countries with the best economy. So if you are looking forward to combining learning with business, South Africa is a perfect place for you.

How Long Does It Take To Study Law In South Africa?

Before you will be allowed to practice law in South Africa, you would need to have an LLB (Bachelor Of Law)certificate. It takes four years to acquire the LLB certificate in South Africa. However, some students prefer to first acquire BCOM(Law) or BA(LAW) certificate, after then, go for an LLB. The BCOM(Law) and BA(LAW) take two years to be completed. Moreover, some universities like WITS, do not allow students to go for LLB directly; they must have to complete BCOM(Law) or BA(LAW) first.