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Kearsney College Fees (2023) Vacancies & Address

Kearsney college was created by Sir Liege Hulett in 1921. The school is located in Botha’s Hill, Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa. Kearsney College is a private institution created exclusively for male students. The school started with 11 boys but now has more than 600 students.

Kearsney College strives to equip students with the necessary academic skills which would help to succeed in their various career fields. The school provides a comprehensive academic system that is capable of making the students stand out amongst others. Kearsney College utilizes an excellent academic programme that is designed to give those with difficulties of gaining from an excellent education programme to participate and benefit too.

Kearsney College Fees

Information about Kearsney’s school fees will be provided below.

Application Fee: R750 (Non-refundable)

Acceptance Fee: R30 000 (Non-refundable and is only payable at the time of acceptance)

  • Kearsney Tuition Fees

Day Students

8 & 9 Middle School- R174 130

10, 11 & 12( Senior School)- R190 740

  • Other Fees

Student’s Personal Accident Insurance- R246( compulsory to be paid per month)

Music Tuition- R740

High-Performance Programme- R570

  • Transport Fees;

Day Students: R1000( per month)

  • Boarding Students;

Zululand- R1500

Ballito- R750

Umhlanga- R530

Immigration Status Levy- R560 per term(optional)

Literacy Support Fee- R310 per term(optional)

Kearsney College Vacancies

Kearsney College is consistently in search of highly qualified individuals and SACE registered. To be a teacher in the school, you must also be passionate, dynamic, willing to teach one or two sports activities, approachable and innovative. Moreover, the present vacant posts at Kearsney College as at the time of writing this post, is provided below.

for current Kearsney College Vacancies, check

Financial Accountant

Maintenance Manager

KCOB Alumni Relations Coordinator

Sports Office Administrator

Mandarin Teacher

English First Language Teacher

You can contact [email protected], if you need updates about new vacancies, or you want to submit your CV to the college

Kearsney College Sport Life

Kearsney College ensures that the students are open to a dynamic environment which gives them the chance to participate in other activities apart from academics such as sports. The school has top-notch sporting facilities that all students would relish and find interesting. Kearsney College provides a wide variety of sporting activities. Some of which are soccer, hockey, basketball, cricket, athletics, rugby, squash, swimming, tennis, and water polo. Kearsney College provides more than 20 sporting venues on the campus and also, employs professional coaches to train and develop the boys’ fitness and sporting abilities.

Kearsney College Art And Culture

Kearsney College is well-known in South Africa for its amazing arts and culture performances. The school organizes an annual art and culture event named; culture@kearsney. Kearsney College ensures that all the boys belong to an art club and it provides all the necessary cultural facilities to make their experiences unforgettable.


Kearsney College is one of the best and most efficient only-boys institutions in South Africa. The school provides good facilities, uses a great curriculum, has lots of experienced teachers and offers lots of extra-curricular programmes. If you are thinking about enrolling your wards at Kearsney College, you might need some information about the institution. Moreover, check the article above to know more about the school.