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How To Find Your NSFAS Reference Number 2023

Anyone who applied for NSFAS funding will receive a unique NSFAS reference number. As you create an account with the platform, you will be sent your own specific NSFAS reference number, which is meant to be kept safe. Nevertheless, some people can find themselves in a situation where they don’t know where to find their reference number in their account, while some others can be careless that they ended up losing their reference number.

This article will address this important thing, and you will be enlightened appropriately too. As you will get to see, there is nothing difficult about these things. Let’s get going.

How To Find Your NSFAS Number

– Head over to Nsfas official website to create an account

– On the NSFAS portal, you will have to input important information and details about yourself.

– Upload certain documents.

– Once registration is done, your NSFAS reference number will be sent to you

– You will get the unique number (your reference number) either via email or SMS. Hence, to find your reference number after you have successfully applied, check the email address you used or your phone for the SMS sent by NSFAS.

– Additionally, whenever you log in to your account, you will always see your reference number on your dashboard.

What Is The Use Of NSFAS Reference Number

To apply for NSFAS funding, you can’t but create an account on their official website. This is a general procedure everyone must subscribe to before going to the next steps. After opening your account, you will then have to take some other steps to finish the application process. It should be noted that it is only after one has opened an account that such will be able to start the real application process.

Your reference number is a unique number for your account. It is pretty useful for different things. For instance, if the organization wants to immediately find your account and application status, they can easily use your reference number (don’t forget that they deal with tons of people). If there is anything that should be attended to, you can simply send across your reference number to an official, and it will be very easy for them to identify your account from their backend and take appropriate steps to get it solved without any issues.

Additionally, you receiving your reference number is proof that they have successfully received your application. Once you have received your number, you can be at peace that your application went through the right way it should. It must be noted that if for any reason you did not get a reference number after you have sent your documents, you should know that something went wrong somewhere. It is an indication that NSFAS did not receive your email and application.

Example Of NSFAS Reference Number

As explained earlier, once you have sent your documents the right way on the website, and your application was made appropriately and was properly submitted, you will get your unique NSFAS reference number either by email or SMS.

If you are wondering what it is and how to identify it, well, the reference number will also be right there in your myNSFAS account. Here is an example of how a reference number sent by NSFAS can be: OA2018092***

How to Recover your myNSFAS Reference Number?

Finally, there are people who are wondering how to recover their reference number if lost. Actually, no one can loose their number in the real sense. This is because you will always see the number inside your account.

So, let’s say you wrote it down somewhere, but you misplaced the paper or something. Actually, whenever you log in to your account, you will still be able to see your number right where it is. Hence, your reference number will always be there as long as you have access to your account on the official website of NSFAS.

Nevertheless, if you are talking about losing or forgetting the credentials to have access to your account, this is something entirely different. If you forget your myNSFAS portal password, you don’t have to be worried or bothered, as you can always reset it and get it sorted in a matter of minutes. It is advisable that you write your password somewhere where you can always get it if you should forget. We forget passwords every now and then, so, it’s normal. And that’s why it is usually possible to reset one’s password in cases where one can’t remember what it is again. It is a very simple process to get a new password to access your portal.