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Bulletproof Glass Price in South Africa

Bulletproof glass is specially made to resist penetration by projectiles. Also known as bullet-resistant glass, they are usually obtained to enable adequate protection and security, although the average bulletproof glass is not completely impenetrable.

Bulletproof glass price in South Africa can start from anywhere around R 120 000 and can run into millions of rands depending on the one you are going for.

How Much Is Bulletproof Glass Price In South Africa

Good bulletproof glass can cost anything between R 120 000 and run into millions of rands. The price of a particular bulletproof glass is dependent on its thickness, which is made by different manufacturers all around the world.

Bulletproof glasses come in different degrees, and some are thicker than others. The thicker it is, the more it can withstand any kind of gunfire, and the costlier it goes. This is one of the main reasons you will see different bulletproof glasses with different price tags.

How Much Is It To Bulletproof A Car In South Africa?

This will cost anywhere between R200,000 and R1. 5 million depending on the level of security. Those interested in knowing how much it costs to armor a car in South Africa should be aware that they have to spend anywhere between R 200,000 and R 1. 5 million.

It takes a lot of resources to make these things, hence you shouldn’t expect them to come that cheap. We should also note that things revolving around good security come with a price.

You can increase the security around you while on the move by installing armor for your car windows, doors, and rear seats. This is very necessary for certain types of people because it will save them from attacks. For instance, many high-worth individuals in society (particularly politicians, celebrities, business moguls, and so on) usually move around with these cars.

There are different degrees of protection you can give to your car for maximum security, particularly if you are aware that you reside in a dangerous place. If you are a popular target, then you may have to spend more on getting a much better bulletproof glass to stay safe.

When bulletproof glasses are used in security vehicles, it is expected that additional motors should be installed to move the windows up and down.

Is Bulletproof Glass Unbreakable?

While bulletproof glass is made carefully to ensure it can last as long as possible, the fact remains that bulletproof glass is not completely impenetrable, just like other materials.

Different companies make different types of bulletproof glasses in different parts of the world. With different types of expertise, certain glasses are stronger than others. The thicker the bulletproof glass is, the more difficult it is to break it.

Good bulletproof glass is expected to last for up to twenty years, although the owner must be ready to ensure proper and adequate maintenance.

What You Should Know About Bulletproof Glasses In South Africa

When we talk about bulletproof glass, you may be thinking it is impenetrable when exposed to gunfire. However, the fact remains that there is no bulletproof glass that has been made that can stand against powerful weapons forever.

Bulletproof glasses have their peculiarities and usefulness. These things are made to hinder bullets from going through an exterior wall into the interior. So, if someone with some sort of gun is shooting from the outside, a good bulletproof glass can hinder it from coming in.

However, many times, when you shoot from the inside, the bullets can pass to the outside. Therefore, there are ways you set these things to ensure they function right as you expect.

Bullet-resistant glasses can be utilized in different settings. It is useful for security and military vehicles, banks, hospitals, government buildings, pharmacies, police stations, jails, and so on.

A lot of good bullet resistant glasses were made in the similitude of regular glass, and you may not know it is not just the usual type of glass. They were made with materials to hold firm even after the impact of a lot of gunshots. On the other hand, the usual glass will swiftly shatter.

To make a bullet resistant glass, manufacturers usually lay a polycarbonate material between pieces of standard glass (which is known as lamination). The glass then becomes very thick and durable, and it becomes one that can prevent bullets from passing through.

There are certain works that need more materials than some others, based on the purpose it is meant to serve. For example, what the army needs on the battlefield can’t be compared with that of a shop.

It is usual for the manufacturer to ensure the glass is very thick and must be made with several layers of materials that will absorb shots. Therefore, when shot at, the bullet is slowed down and won’t be able to penetrate. However, you should note that when the glass panes are faced with great impact, they will break.

Now, one of the things that makes a bullet resistant glass different from the average one is that even when it is breaking, it won’t shatter to fly apart. This is due to the tough structure that came as a result of the types of materials used to create them.

One of the ways to differentiate a bulletproof glass from a standard one is by the weight. A bullet resistant glass is very thick and is such heavier than standard glass.