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Top 10 Jobs In Demand In South Africa (2023)

This compilation of Jobs in Demand in South Africa, and can be especially helpful to young students who are already thinking about a career path to choose in order to secure their futures. This presentation will also be very useful for those thinking about moving to South Africa with the hope of finding employment.

Whether you are a young school leaver or a migrant about to move into South Africa, you need to familiarize yourself with the paragraphs below as they could determine whether or not you get the career of your dreams, and whether or not that visa application gets accepted.

Without much time-wasting, find below the top careers in demand in South Africa.

Top 10 Jobs In Demand In South Africa

1. Digital Economy

There is a huge demand for hands in the digital economy; that is in the field of digital technology, especially as it concerns the facilitation of financial transactions. As you must have observed before now, everything is going digital. Banks, insurance companies, and even healthcare providers are turning to computers and phone applications to carry out their services.

If you are a young school leaver, not yet committed to a career path, then it is highly advised that you seek to study anything related to software development, or computer science. Seek internships at reputable firms that are engaged with the development of soft-wares and applications for the financial sector.

2. Energy

Mankind and his societies have depended on energy since time immemorial up to date, and there is every indication that this dependency will not stop anytime soon. As a matter of fact, human society has seen its need for energy grow almost at pace with its population.

The deep pool of the energy sector includes Coal Mining; Oil Drilling, refining, and marketing; and the renewable energy sources that have been growing in popularity such as Hydro Electricity, Solar Energy, and Thermal Energy. Nuclear energy is quite heavily criticized as unsafe, but it can still be a very challenging and potentially rewarding career path to choose.

3. Infrastructure Development

Infrastructure Development means improving on the existing civil facilities that are available to society. It is the goal of every country to have quality infrastructure that is not a far cry from what is available in other nations. For this reason, infrastructure can be a very rewarding career path indeed.

To participate in this field a student should make himself available to study Civil Engineering, Architecture, Quantity Surveying, and other important jobs in the building industry so that you can contribute to the development of society by building Roads, Public Buildings, Hospitals, and so on.

4. Data Scientists

The world is at a point where there is literally more data available than capable people to study them. Everything is recorded these days; from the amount of rainfall to the spread and mortality rate of infectious diseases.

These data have to be adequately analyzed to enable good policy formulation. This is a paramount need of governments and private establishments alike, and therefore Data Scientists are highly sought after, highly paid, and one of the highest jobs in demand in South Africa.

5. Web Developers

Web Developers are among the highest sought professionals in South Africa and almost everywhere else. This is because every business, government agency, and establishment of any kind is in a hurry to have a presence online.

Apart from developing the websites, developers are often hired to manage and update these websites, meaning that their relevance is good for the long term.

6. Electrical Engineers

Electrical Engineers power the country. Electric Power is an absolute necessity, and without it, every other sector of the economy would grind to a standstill. Without electricity, there would be no banks, no media, no production, medical services.

Electrical Engineers, whether they work in the private sector or in the public arm, are essential workers, and they are highly in demand. If you want to participate in this sector, maybe as a worker on a power plant, as a maintenance officer in a company, or as a field officer of an electricity supply company then you have to make yourself available to study electrical engineering.

7. Toolmakers

Tools have been played a great role in the evolution of man and continue to do so today. Every profession from medicine to agriculture has the necessary tools that help professionals carry out their jobs.

The noteworthy thing about this is that many of those tools are made by small businesses, while there are also big companies involved. If a young person ventures into the tool making business, he could have the opportunity to grow it, and possibly even leave the said business to an heir.

8. Crop Produce Analysts

Crop Produce analysts are those that record and analyze data relating to producing coming from farms. This is an essential part of agricultural research; it helps agricultural scientists to improve crop yield and improve food security.

They are very important people because without them we could not even hope to feed our growing population.

9. Agricultural Scientists

Agricultural Scientists are people who work in the field of agriculture, to improve it. They could work in the field of crop production, or in the field of animal husbandry. They could be agriculture extension workers. Agricultural scientists, one of the main careers in demand in South Africa, plays a great role in ensuring food security.

10. Events And Hospitality

There is a steady growth in the Events, Tourism, and Hospitality sector, and this means more opportunities for the teeming young population. Some of the careers that are available in this field include Hotel Managers, Chefs, and Restaurant Operators, and so on.

You may be surprised to discover how much some chefs make here in South Africa; their salaries are quite impressive. Let us not forget to mention Hotel Managers who can sometimes be among some of the highest earners, as well as some of the most connected people in society.


The above are some of the jobs (better-called career options) careers in demand in South Africa that are open to you. Not only are they open; they are in high demand. What is left is for you to choose one, and show the dedication necessary for you to have a place in any of those fields. Don’t forget to check again soon as we will be updating this page as we find it necessary.