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Woolworths: Customer Assistants X10

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Job Overview

Position: Customer Assistants X10
Salary: R40.00 per Hour
Company: Woolworths
Location: South Africa (Various Provinces)

Minimum Requirements

  • English
  • Available and flexible to work different shifts
  • Relevant working experience in a similar environment will be advantageous
  • Computer Literacy (Basic)
  • Demonstrates self-discipline with regards to attendance, dress code policy, hygiene, and time-keeping

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Greets, smiles, and acknowledges customers. Displays a friendly and helpful attitude when serving customers.
  • Offers the customers available services (e.g., utility bill payments and airtime).
  • Meets customers’ needs and expectations by asking, listening to, and advising customers as to options/services/products available.
  • Offers alternatives to the customer if the product is not available.
  • Processes till transactions efficiently and effectively in line with till policies and procedures.
  • Scans and packs efficiently at till points and checks all payments for irregularities.
  • Understands and promotes the different methods of payment or transactions.
  • Maintains cold chain and hygiene standards while replenishing stock on the sales floor.
  • Ensures that stockroom stock is represented on the sales floor.
  • Demonstrates product knowledge by highlighting features and benefits of the product in their department.
  • Provides appropriate product knowledge to advise customers according to their lifestyle and segmentation and identifies the location of products in their department.
  • Maintains a hygienic, safe, and well-organised till point.
  • Reports acts of dishonesty related to shrinkage and fraud to your line manager or shrinkage hotline.
  • Reports suspicious individuals in your area to security or management.
  • Minimizes shrinkage by adhering to all corporate store disciplines.
  • Understands and applies red flag processes where applicable.
  • Maintains awareness of suspicious activity in your area.
  • Demonstrates self-discipline with regards to attendance, dress code policy, hygiene, and time-keeping.

More about this job

To deliver exceptional customer service at the till points, thereby creating a positive, lasting impression as the customer leaves the store. Also, to ensure that Food Supply Chain disciplines are maintained. These disciplines would include health and safety as well as correct food handling and merchandising principles.