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Western Cape Government Job Vacancy as Administration Clerk

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The Western Cape Government is seeking passionate applicants for the position of Administration Clerk. This role offers an opportunity to provide essential administrative support, contributing to the smooth functioning of the department or unit. Responsibilities include general clerical support, supply chain clerical duties, personnel administration tasks, and financial administration.

About the Western Cape Government

The Western Cape Government, located in the southwestern corner of South Africa, governs one of the country’s nine provinces. Known for its stunning natural landscapes, including the iconic Table Mountain and the Cape Winelands, the Western Cape is a diverse region that blends urban sophistication with rich cultural heritage. The provincial government is tasked with overseeing a wide range of responsibilities, from healthcare and education to infrastructure development and economic policy. It aims to promote sustainable growth and improve the quality of life for its residents through efficient governance and strategic initiatives.

At the heart of the Western Cape Government’s mission is a commitment to transparency, accountability, and innovation. It strives to deliver effective public services that meet the needs of its diverse population while fostering a conducive environment for economic growth and social development. The government collaborates with various stakeholders, including local municipalities, businesses, and community organizations, to address challenges and capitalize on opportunities that benefit both residents and visitors alike. Through progressive policies and initiatives, the Western Cape Government aims to maintain its reputation as a dynamic and forward-thinking region in South Africa.

About the Western Cape Government Job Vacancy as Administration Clerk 2024

Western Cape Government is looking for passionate applicants keen on applying for the employment position to work as a professional Administration Clerk. The Administration Clerk position with the Western Cape Government offers an opportunity for a capable individual to provide essential administrative support. Responsibilities include offering general clerical support, handling supply chain clerical duties within a sub-directorate, managing personnel administration tasks, and assisting with financial administration. This role requires ensuring efficient and effective administrative operations across these areas, contributing to the smooth functioning of the department or unit.

When you apply for this position, you agree that the Western Cape Government may contact your former employers or managers to verify your employment history. This includes checking your disciplinary records and reasons for leaving previous positions.

The selected applicants will be entitled to a salary of R216 417 per annum (Salary level 5).

For application purposes, please kindly take note of the Western Cape Government Job Vacancy as Administration Clerk 2024’s Reference Number: WCG240621-5.

General Duties as Administration Clerk

  • Maintain and update files, records, and databases for record keeping
  • Handle incoming and outgoing communications, including emails and letters, for correspondence
  • Input and manage data using computer systems or spreadsheets for data entry
  • Organize paperwork, documents, and office supplies for filing and organization
  • Manage calendars, appointments, and meetings for scheduling
  • Assist with inquiries and provide information to clients or visitors for customer service
  • Prepare and distribute reports or documents as required for reporting
  • Assist in various administrative tasks as needed by different departments for administrative support
  • Process invoices, expense claims, or other financial transactions for handling payments
  • Coordinate logistics for events, meetings, or travel arrangements for coordination
  • Ensure compliance with office policies and procedures for compliance
  • Conduct research or gather information as directed for research
  • Assist managers or supervisors with administrative tasks for support to management
  • Maintain and update databases or records systems for database management
  • Work collaboratively with colleagues to achieve organizational goals for team collaboration

Eligibility Criteria

If you’re interested in applying for the Administration Clerk position with the Western Cape Government and believe you meet the qualifications, we urge you to submit your application without delay. If you have any doubts about your eligibility, take the opportunity to carefully review the requirements outlined below. Assess how your qualifications align with the criteria set by the selection committee. Ensuring you meet all specified criteria is essential to enhance your chances of a successful application.

The Western Cape Government Job Vacancy as Administration Clerk Eligibility Criteria are as follows:

  • Obtain a Grade 12 (Senior Certificate or equivalent qualification)
  • Acquire relevant experience
  • Demonstrate relevant job knowledge
  • Show proficiency in literacy and numeracy
  • Enhance your presentation skills
  • Exercise effective decision-making abilities
  • Demonstrate proven computer literacy
  • Improve your verbal and written communication
  • Cultivate strong interpersonal skills
  • Exhibit flexibility in your approach
  • Master the art of planning and organizing

Application Instructions

Please follow the application instructions below:

  1. Use Google Chrome for optimal performance when accessing the designated website
  2. Before submitting your application, establish an account on the application platform. This account will be essential throughout the registration process
  3. Alternatively, applicants can utilize mobile devices to submit their applications. Android users can access the website using the pre-installed Google Chrome browser, eliminating the need for additional installations
  4. Simplify the registration process by logging in with existing Google, Facebook, or LinkedIn accounts, saving time on creating a new account
  5. Ensure all provided information is accurate and complete. Both applicants and the selection committee will carefully review this information
  6. Be assured that all provided information will remain confidential throughout the application review process
  7. By submitting an application, applicants authorize the selection committee to utilize their personal information for event registration purposes
  8. Submit applications exclusively through the designated website. Applications sent via other methods, such as in-person delivery or fax, will not be accepted by the reviewing committee.

Closing Date

Applications for the Western Cape Government Job Vacancy as Administration Clerk must be submitted before the closing date on 29 July 2024.

We urge you to submit your applications promptly to enhance your chances of securing a place during the registration period and to avoid potential issues such as heavy online traffic or incomplete submissions.

It’s important to note that applications received after the specified deadline will not undergo review by the selection committee and will be automatically disqualified, regardless of their content.

Candidates who meet the criteria will receive notification if they are shortlisted. If you do not hear from the selection committee within three months of the deadline, please consider your application unsuccessful.

The Western Cape Government retains full authority over all appointments throughout the recruitment process. Decisions made by the selection committee are final and cannot be contested.

Committee Details

If you have any questions or uncertainties about the Western Cape Government Job Vacancy for an Administration Clerk, please don’t hesitate to seek assistance. Direct your inquiries or concerns to the designated contact person provided below. Rest assured, your questions will be promptly addressed, providing you with the clarity and support necessary throughout the application process.

Telephone Numbers: +27 86 137 0214


Western Cape Government Job Vacancy as Administration Clerk