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Sibanye-Stillwater Job/Learnership Vacancies

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Job Title: General Miner

Requisition Number: KND 0052378
Reference: KND AD0004924
Type of employment: Permanent
Location: Operating Segment Platinum Rustenburg
Function: Mining
Job Grading: B5
Vacancy: Miner General
Group Shaft Name: B KND Kwezi

No of positions: 4

Your manager should be aware of and support your application. Pre-screening and psychometric evaluation may form part of the selection process. Shortlisted candidates will be requested to attend a panel interview. Applicants who receive no response to their applications within 14 days may consider their application for the position to be unsuccessful.

Sibanye-Stillwater is committed to the achievement and maintenance of diversity and equity in employment. Sibanye-Stillwater is an equal opportunity, affirmative action employer. Preference will be given to suitably qualified candidates from designated groups whose appointments will contribute towards achievement of equitable demographic representation of our workforce profile and add to the diversity of the Group, in line with the Company’s Employment Equity Plan. Reasonable Accommodations will be made to enable suitably qualified persons with disabilities equal access to employment as set out in the Sibanye-Stillwater Disability Policy.

Minimum Required Qualification:

  • Grade 12 or equivalent
  • Blasting certificate

The Appointee Should:

  • Blasting certificate
  • 2-3 years’ mining experience
  • Valid first aid certificate
  • Medically fit to work in the specific business area
  • Clear security screening record
  • Grade 10 or equivalent

Key Responsibilities:

SHE Supervision:

  • Maintain SHE standards within the work environment
  • Monitor compliance to SHE requirements in the work environment
  • Apply and comply with SHE standards in the work environment

Quality Management System (QMS):

  • Comply with requirements of the Quality Management System

Risk Assessments:

  • Participate in risk assessments and take appropriate action
  • Address workplace hazards and risks

Task Analysis:

  • Conduct Task Analyses and take appropriate action to address identified risks

Behavioural Based Safety:

  • Conduct Safety Behaviour Observations (SBO’s)

SHEQ Investigations:

  • Participate in investigations into workplace incidents

Cost Savings:

  • Identify cost-saving and cash conservation opportunities
  • Safeguard company assets (fixed and working capital)

Corporate Governance and Organisational Ethics:

  • Comply with legal requirements

Mining Risk Management:

  • Identify and respond to Mining related risks

Mining Supervision:

  • Monitor and control the Mining teams and processes
  • Provide effective problem-solving support to the Mining teams

Start of Day Preparation:

  • Check staffing figures at start of day and ensure that all Mining activities are adequately covered
  • Collect cap lamps, self-rescuers, GDI’s, and other necessary equipment

Start of Shift Preparation:

  • Adhere to the Shaft schedule
  • Check material deliveries and allocate accordingly
  • Verify availability of underground services (air pressure, water, power, etc.)
  • Conduct start-of-shift Waiting Place procedures (Roll-call, team meeting, etc.)
  • Monitor and control Gang Cards
  • Sign-out the explosives key

Entry Examination and Declaring Safe:

  • Conduct statutory examinations in the production section and daily entry examinations
  • Declare working area safe, prior to commencement of work activities

Competent A (Underground Mining):

  • Determine the velocity of air in a workplace by means of the tape method and take appropriate action
  • Determine environmental thermal conditions in an underground workplace by means of a whirling hygrometer and take appropriate action
  • Test for flammable gas in a mining environment by means of a handheld electronic instrument and take appropriate action
  • Make the workplace safe by means of barring
  • Monitor and control the supporting of the work area (temporary and permanent support)
  • Support an underground working place by means of:
    • temporary support units
    • elongated support units that are hydraulically stressed
    • packs
    • stope netting
    • rock bolts
    • backfilling (as required)
  • Assess poor quality support installations and take corrective actions

Secondary Support:

  • Monitor and control supporting of the work area (secondary support)
  • Assess poor quality support installations and take corrective actions

Safe & Effective Blasting Practices:


  • Monitor and control face preparation team and process
  • Identify, demarcate, treat, and remove misfires
  • Mark shot holes for primary and secondary blasting and support holes
  • Mark pre-conditioning blast holes


  • Monitor and control face drilling team and process
  • Check that all holes are drilled to the correct depth and in the right direction


  • Monitor and control the charging team and process
  • Receive, handle, store, and issue explosives and accessories at the workplace
  • Transport explosives from explosive containers to the workplace
  • Time and connect blast initiating systems


  • Monitor and control blasting team and process
  • Conduct section clearance prior to blasting
  • Test the blast initiation system and confirm with the control room and connect to the blast initiation system
  • Conduct secondary blasting operations (as required)
  • Support and assist with blasting operations (blast guards, etc.)
  • Conduct face profiling and blast hole surveys (Check socket lengths and positions, over breaking, face advance, etc., and identify non-conformances)

Removal of Broken Rock (Cleaning & Sweeping):

  • Monitor and control cleaning and sweeping team and process
  • Make area safe prior to cleaning and sweeping
  • Determine the location of winches


  • Monitor and control Development team and activities


  • Monitor and control underground construction activities

Ventilation Controls:

  • Monitor and control the installation and upgrading of the ventilation system


  • Monitor and control Tramming activities

Secondary Blasting:

  • Remove broken rock blockages by means of blasting


  • Monitor and control underground maintenance activities


  • Monitor and control housekeeping team and process

End of Shift Hand-Over:

  • Conduct end of shift Waiting Place procedures (close services, etc.)
  • Check that all clock cards have been issued and clear the shift at Waiting Place
  • Sign-in explosive key at end of shift
  • Hand in Gang Cards to HC


  • Update Shift Communication Log book with shift activities completed, any problems, and instructions that need to be addressed
  • Update the Miners Log Book

Contact Information:

HR Contact Person: Gomolemo Kgaratshe
Recruitment Person: Vanessa Cleven
Recruiter’s contact number: 0144952563

NB: Kindly note that the operation’s HR personnel will assist internal applicants, should the need arise.

Sibanye-Stillwater Job/Learnership Vacancies