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Data Capture – Asba

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Job Title

Data Capture



Time Type

Full time

Minimum Requirements

  • Further Education and Training Certificate (FETC): Business, Commerce and Management Studies (Required)

Job Description

  • Comply with development objectives as agreed in PD
  • Proactively identify personal development areas and skills needed
  • Keep up-to-date on all Circular and Policies and procedures within ABM
  • Understand ABM systems and applicable equipment
  • Capture all the transactions in the Banking system and guarantee that all have been approved
  • Correctly post the transactions in the accounts and ensure the print of the end-of-day report
  • Rigorously check all values collected or to be provided in order to avoid errors or differences and ensure compliance with cash limits
  • Comply with the principle of segregation of duties in accordance with the approved operational mandates
  • Conduct all withdrawals and deposits in coordination with the treasurer aligning with current procedures
  • Manage all the information within Cash Centre (Cash Received, Cash Supplied and other information)
  • Manage the stationery as well as the assets of the Cash Centre
  • On a monthly basis, preparing the maps of punctuality and attendance


Data Capture – Asba