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How To Make Money Fast In South Africa Online (2024)

In order to make money fast in South Africa online you center your efforts around what you already have; a skill set, money, property, and so on. The potential is already there, you just have to look inwards and discover the opportunities lying around you.

There are many ways of making money online in South Africa, especially as South Africa enjoys the full confidence of the international community. You can get a full-time employment or you could do side gigs. Much will depend on how much time you have to put in, the amount of commitment you have, and your skill level. If you are highly skilled and committed, you can be surprised at how quickly your fortunes improve.

I listed 10 reliable ways to make money online in South Africa fast, most of the gigs we highlight in this post require little or no money (cash) to set up; if you had enough cash, you would not be looking for ways to make money online.

How To Make Money Fast In South Africa Online

1. List your property on Airbnb

If you have a house or even a spare room in your house, you are potentially sitting on a goldmine. You can get R250.00 or more every single day by Airbnb. Yes, higher premiums are paid if the property is located in a high traffic environment such as near an airport or near a seaport. Even houses located near major highways get regularly booked, so the potential for making money with this gig is high.

You don’t need to pay any money to sign up; just look up Airbnb on your phone or computer browser. But please note that you have to keep the room or house in good condition if you intend to make money from this gig. Users will rate your room as a way of guiding other users about how good their experience was with you.

2. Freelancing Online

This gig only requires that you make use of your skills- you also need to have a computer (you cannot use a phone) and an internet connection. You just register at a website, and then you bid for jobs, as they become available. There are so many jobs on these websites that many have come in to do freelancing as a side hustle but ended up becoming businessmen, employing others.

You can work as a writer, graphic designer, web designer, translator, accountant, etc there is a job for everyone. The amount of money you are going to make depends on how much you are willing to work, and the depth of your skills.

Some people are on these freelance websites right now earning 5 figure incomes, and there is no reason why you cannot replicate this success. Please note that customers will rate your services as a guide to other customers. It is extremely important to satisfy your customers, especially the first few ones you get because they will be the foundation for your freelancing career. Also, you need to be very patient; it takes time to woo people into giving you jobs.

You can start now by looking up Freelancer, Toptal, Simplyhire, Peopleperhour, 99designs, Guru, Flexjobs, Aquent, Nexxt, and Fiverr.

3. Real estate crowdfunding

Real estate crowdfunding is a developing industry, it is an investment opportunity in which people come together to raise funds for a project in real estate. You are provided with a list of property development opportunities and you choose from the list on which property to invest in. you are then given a bill to pay and then you become a part-owner of the property. The minimum investment amount will always differ from project to project; you just have to look for what you can afford.

When the property gets rented out or sold, everybody makes a profit.

Please beware: as we mentioned earlier, this is still a developing industry in which much still needs to be done to regulate it. Therefore, when investing in real estate crowdfunding, please undertake due diligence. Also, please ensure that you do not invest more than you can afford.

4. Start blogging

Blogging is a great way to communicate with the world and to build a community around anything you can imagine. If you have an idea or message or you have a passion- something you care about, and you have some decent writing skills, then you should give this a shot.

Since we are talking about making money, that should be your interest. So how do you make money as a blogger? You make money by selling advertising. You can do this by signing up for Google Adsense. Most bloggers just sign up, and google Adsense does the rest.

Starting a blog requires the following: choose a platform that you are going to use for your blog, choose a domain name (we discussed domain names before), Get web hosting for your domain, and you are good to go.

Please write about things you care about; you can always tell when a writer is passionate. Also, it takes patience to grow your readership before you can start making money from blogging. Your blog could be six months old and getting decent traffic before you apply for Adsense. Try to focus on improving your writing skills before worrying about making money.

5. Become an online English teacher

There is a huge market for teaching English online, and so it is an opportunity to make lots of money. Some websites offer a standard rate of R450 per hour teaching, while others pay you by bids and your willingness to work with the client offer.

You need to be fluent in English and have a tertiary qualification, but some websites will allow high school graduates. This can be flexible; you can schedule your teaching times to suit you, although this can also become quite hectic if you happen to get popular.

Please remember that you will be rated according to your performance; it is, therefore, necessary to put in your absolute best, so that you get good ratings and more clients. you can use, and

6. Make money on Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon mechanical turk is a relatively new gig, but its popularity is growing at a quick pace. Companies use Amazon Mechanical Turk to perform work that is difficult for computer programs to do. Some of these jobs include writing reviews, audio editing, transcribing, translating audio to different languages, and testing web pages.

With Amazon Mechanical Turk workers makeup to R300 an hour working different jobs from their homes, offices, or anywhere. All you need to start is a computer, an internet connection, and your skills. Register your profiles at

7. Publish a Book at Amazon

There are several thousand authors on amazon kindle, and the bad thing is that not all of them are making good money. The question therefore is; how good a writer are you? if you have some good ideas you can put them into a book, and turn that book into money.

This is always better if you have some kind of platform with which to advertise it. If you have a successful blog, a huge following on social media, or a lot of money in the bank with which to do some advertising then you can really make something out of this.

There is no guarantee about how much you can make from this; amazon will not even pay you until you have sold up to a certain amount. Let us remind you that you have to be extremely good as a writer; otherwise, you cannot make any money from this gig. Amazon reviews are brutal; some readers can give negative reviews if your book is below par, and that could impact your chances of making money from this gig.

8. Advertise on Social media

Advertising on Social Media is a new industry as well, but it is something that you can look into. There are so many companies that recruit people to post stuff on social media because this gives the marketing a personal touch; makes it look like it is coming from friends.

If you have a huge social media following then this is something you can try. You register with a website and then they start giving you pictures of their products for you to post online on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and so on. They will usually need to see screenshots to show that you have done your end of the deal before they pay you.

To be honest, there are many companies out there offering this service, and you could try any of them with a simple google search, but please make sure that you regularly withdraw your earnings. In fact, withdraw your earnings as soon and as often as you can.

9. Start a YouTube channel

Starting a Youtube channel is not difficult at all. The thing that makes this particular gig so interesting is that you don’t have to be an expert in anything, you can just make funny videos, or workout videos, or videos of sports, or videos of dogs and cats. On youtube, anything goes! Of course, you are welcome to do videos of your passion or expertise or tutorials of anything you know how to do.

If you can think of content that is good enough, people will watch it, and if people watch it, youtube will pay you for it. You don’t even need to have professional video equipment; just make sure the videos are clear enough for people to appreciate the content.

The company wants only the best to reach the top; your videos will be rated highly If they are good, and so people will continue to view them, and you will continue to make money. It is a worthy investment- you cannot lose out.

10. Buy and sell domain names

Buying and selling domain names can a great investment opportunity; this is one thing that has made a lot of people rich. But let us talk about domain names a bit. Domain names are unique aliases for websites- no two websites in the world can have the same name. The thing is; some names will become very valuable in the future.

Buying a domain name is therefore very similar to buying a piece of property, and keeping it for the future. The tricky thing about this is knowing (guessing?) which domain names will become valuable in the near future.

With this gig, you can start with R30, and end up a millionaire. But it is not magic; it takes a lot of patience to hold down a domain name until the right buyer shows up. Anyway, you can start by looking up any of the following websites: Godaddy, Sedo, Namejet, and Afrihost.

11. Participate in Online surveys

Research companies are contracted by big tech and production companies to help them curate data. These research companies then need people like you and me to take these surveys and answer questions so as to provide the answers to the companies that hired them. Of course, research companies cannot expect you to work with them for free; you can get anywhere from R100 to R400 on a survey. There are even claims of people getting as high as R8000 on a survey.

This gig is flexible, nobody compels you to work when you are busy. You only have to log in to the website, and answer a few questions. Lookup any of the following on your phone or computer browser: I-say, Toluna, Joinhiving, Panel opinion, and